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In My Grow Show — Ep. 161: Port Hueneme Chief of Police Andrew Salinas

Sponsored by Sespe Creek.

Show Notes:
Welcome to Ep. 161. Conversations with Chief of Police from Port Hueneme Andrew Salina. He helps explain why Port Hueneme in California embraced cannabis so completely.

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Strain of the Week:
Sweet Diesel is a cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. This had a floral almost fruity aroma and taste with a light gas flavor at the end. This Sweet Diesel was a good daytime smoke. This felt a bit heavy and the package says 29%, it didn’t feel like it to me. It felt good but it didn’t feel like 29%. But a decent smoke for the price $25 for ⅛.

Report from the cannabis front line:
Water for cannabis and hemp –…
New York state fair –…
Cali prisons and cannabis –…

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All the artist for letting use of their music.

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