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Let’s Bake!

Here’s a truth: there are few treats more delightful than a cannabis-infused baked good. And with Heavenly Sweet’s cannabis-infused butter, cannabis baking is easier than ever. We carry two types of Heavenly Sweet butter: a four ounce container containing 1000 m.g. of THC and a four ounce container containing 2000 m.g. (only available for medical users). I picked up the 1000 m.g. container of butter from Sespe and headed to the grocery store for my baking supplies. I’m a big fan of chocolate and cranberries (who isn’t?), and admit I based my recipe off one I found on the back of my cranberry package. Readers should feel free to substitute their favorite sweets for mine — tell us about your recipes in the comments! Cannabis baking does require a bit […]

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Rosin: The clean, quick, and easy way to make concentrate

You may have heard of the latest trend in cannabis concentrates called Rosin. Rosin utilizes the process of heat pressing cannabis flower, hash, or even kief and collecting the essential oil that is forced out of the original product. What you’re left with is a pure cannabis oil, with all its original terpenes, that will satisfy even the most hardcore dabbers. Unlike BHO (butane hash oil), however, Rosin doesn’t require the use of harmful solvents, only heat and pressure. Another benefit of Rosin is how easy, cheap, and safe it is to make compared to other concentrate production methods. Lab equipment required to properly make CO2 concentrates or BHO can run into the thousands of dollars. To make Rosin, all you need is a $20 hair straightener and some parchment […]

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