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CAN-DO Clemency: fighting for drug war POWs

Legalization is sweeping the country (and the world), but so many prisoners of the drug war remain incarcerated. People serving life without parole for a nonviolent offense, like Michael Pelletier (featured here), and Craig Cesal, a first-time offender whose involvement was limited to repairing trucks that had been used in smuggling operations. Both of these individuals were prosecuted under conspiracy laws originally intended to bring down so-called kingpins, but which are now commonly used against low-level offenders (and in fact anyone that has the misfortune to be in close proximity to a drug deal or a drug dealer). CAN-DO Clemency was founded by Amy Povah, who lived this nightmare herself. Her husband had asked her to handle some “financial matters” for him while he was dealing with legal issues subsequent […]

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