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Outdoor Grow Season Is Here

For those who cultivate indoors or in a greenhouse using supplemental lights, the grower is afforded a year round grow season. But for those who enjoy growing outdoors using the power of the sun, the location and the date you plant your crop and later harvest your bounty is determined by the photoperiod, the length of the day and the amount of light that gets to your plants.  Read more

Six Things You Need to Know About Ojai’s New Cannabis Tax

We wanted to help our Ojai patrons better understand what’s going on in light of the recent passage of Measure G in Ojai. Voters approved Measure G in Ojai by 69.2% of the vote. The text presented on the ballot was “Shall the measure approving an immediate 3% tax on cannabis businesses, which will potentially add $465,000-$1,550,000 annually to fund general city services, and approving authority for the City of Ojai to increase the tax on cannabis businesses up to 10% of gross receipts in the future, until the voters decide otherwise, be adopted?” Read more

Getting Started with Cannabis Clones

Living in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, we are lucky to have a pretty ideal climate for growing cannabis. Although Sespe Creek has carried a variety of seeds for years, we often get asked about carrying clones. We have finally found the right partner to supply us; we are excited to be an exclusive partner with Dark Heart Nursery to bring you stable, vigorous, prized genetics from award-winning breeders. See Read more