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A Pawsitive July 4th: Top 10 Safety Tips for Your Pets

We understand that our celebrations often include our four-legged family members. However, the boisterous festivities on July 4th can sometimes be overwhelming for our pets. In addition to the standard safety measures, we also acknowledge the rising interest in using cannabis or CBD products for pet anxiety. To ensure a safe and stress-free Independence Day […]

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Cannabis Conversations Across Generations

In the shifting societal landscape around cannabis, many find themselves needing to navigate generational gaps in understanding and perspective. For parents and their adult children, this can create unique challenges and opportunities. So, how can you bridge this gap and engage your parent in a meaningful conversation about cannabis? Understanding the Generation Gap A quote

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Purple City Genetics: Seeds vs Clones

PCG Seed Collection Purple City Genetics is an Oakland-based collective breeding and cultivating California’s best cannabis phenotypes. Their genetics program is shaped by a deep connection to the plant and a knowledge base that is informed by California’s best growers and producers. They’ve been growing their plants for optimal health, potency, yield, and terpene production

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Alcohol vs Cannabis

Alcohol has traditionally been the go-to for adults seeking to enhance social gatherings, unwind after a long day, or relax before bedtime. But have you ever paused to consider the potential downsides of this routine? It’s time to explore a different path to relaxation and social enjoyment. Imagine replacing your usual beverages with a selection

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Six Things You Need to Know About Ojai’s New Cannabis Tax

We wanted to help our Ojai patrons better understand what’s going on in light of the recent passage of Measure G in Ojai. Voters approved Measure G in Ojai by 69.2% of the vote. The text presented on the ballot was “Shall the measure approving an immediate 3% tax on cannabis businesses, which will potentially

Six Things You Need to Know About Ojai’s New Cannabis Tax Read More »

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