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Sespe Creek

Sespe Gift Guide 2022

With the winter holidays almost here, we’ve put together this gift guide to help you find that perfect something for your friends and loved ones. Cannabis has gradually become an integral part of millions of people’s lives as we manage various symptoms or simply want to relax. Read more

Sungrown Timeline

In California we are fortunate to have such ideal conditions for growing a plethora of different crops. When it comes to cannabis, we believe we should apply the same healthy farming principles that we use on the produce we grow to eat. Read more

Terpene Talk: Common Scents

One of the first things we all do when we are handed cannabis is take a big whiff of it. Can you imagine the aroma now as you read this? The unique scent you are smelling is coming from terpenes. Every strain and grow you have ever come across has its own unique terpene profile. Read more

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