Free delivery on orders over $75!
Prices shown include all taxes

Free delivery on orders over $75!           Prices shown include all taxes

Our Staff, Our Secret Sauce

We occasionally get questions about our prices and why a product might cost more at Sespe, so we wanted to highlight a few ways Sespe is different from other dispensary/delivery services. In addition to being transparent by including ALL taxes in the prices shown, we avoid sales tactics like artificially inflating prices then having big “30% off everything” promotions. We don’t set sales goals or offer sales incentives for budtenders to achieve because we don’t believe in pushing products, we believe in helping people. We have always been of the mindset that you generally get what you pay for, and that taking care of your staff will naturally result in happy customers. We get lots of great feedback about how helpful and caring our staff are, and we know our employees really drive Sespe’s success. Our majority-female management team has built a diverse group of amazing individuals from different backgrounds, philosophies and beliefs that are all very passionate about the plant. 

This pandemic has been especially difficult on retail workers. You may be aware of the staffing shortages many small businesses are facing lately. Sespe also experienced a lot of employee turnover in the early phases of the pandemic; however we gained several very dedicated and passionate staff as a result. We continue to bolster our benefits and compensation packages and now offer 95% company paid health and dental insurance for full-time staff.

  • 95% company paid health and dental insurance for full-time staff
  • 100% company paid life insurance
  • Generous paid vacation and flexible sick time with unused sick time payouts
  • Monthly performance based bonuses
  • Paid cannabis/dispensary training & certification/credentialing with Greenflower Media
  • CalSavers Roth IRA program access

Our current average wage is $19/hr; effective Jan 1, 2022 we are raising our starting hourly wage from $16 to $20/hour. We want to attract and keep the best talent and give them a better chance of living close to where they work.  Ten of 16 staff members currently reside here in the Ojai Valley.

This ethos extends to our brand partners as well; we source a robust assortment of earth and worker friendly products for our customers to enjoy without guilt. We care about safe access and have provided free or discounted medical cannabis to those who struggle with chronic illness through our Compassionate Care Program. We give thousands of dollars to various local nonprofits every year and are committed to remaining a thriving part of Ojai’s community by continuing to invest in our own!

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