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Six Things You Need to Know About Ojai’s New Cannabis Tax

We wanted to help our Ojai patrons better understand what’s going on in light of the recent passage of Measure G in Ojai. Voters approved Measure G in Ojai by 69.2% of the vote. The text presented on the ballot was “Shall the measure approving an immediate 3% tax on cannabis businesses, which will potentially add $465,000-$1,550,000 annually to fund general city services, and approving authority for the City of Ojai to increase the tax on cannabis businesses up to 10% of gross receipts in the future, until the voters decide otherwise, be adopted?” Read more

2020 Local Cannabis Ballot Measures: Where We Stand

If you live in Ojai, the city of Ventura or unincorporated Ventura County, you have a cannabis-related ballot measure to consider this voting season. We offer a breakdown of our position on each of these three initiatives, but no matter where you stand on these issues we hope you will act NOW to request a mail-in ballot, then make a voting plan to drop it off at a local ballot drop box and avoid potential delays using the USPS. Read more

Get to Know our CEO, Chelsea Sutula

Chelsea Sutula and California Congresswoman Julia Brownley.

There’s an old adage that says: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. For Chelsea Sutula, CEO of the Sespe Creek Collective, this statement has never rung truer. Following a devastating arrest, seizure of business and personal assets including her pets, and a long-fought legal battle that ended in complete exoneration, Chelsea knows first-hand that despite her best intentions to bring cannabis to the masses, her journey has been fraught with challenges. Read more

Deedee Kirkwood, Pot Fairy

Deedee Kirkwood is a 70-year old mother, grandmother, wife, artist, playwright, and cannabis activist. In 2012 she was producing her stage play, Toke, in Sacramento when she met activists from Americans for Safe Access. She was invited to an afternoon tea, and was devastated to discover that some in attendance were facing court cases for non-violent drug offenses that would tear their families apart. Read more

Proposed changes to cannabis regulations

Fed up with the bans on cannabis delivery in your city? Frustrated with the excessive, hard-to-open packaging on your favorite products? NOW is the time to speak out and voice your opinion to the state’s regulators. If you support these changes (as we do) it is vital to get your opinion on record, as we can be sure that there will be some opposition. Read more

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