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Get to Know our CEO, Chelsea Sutula

Chelsea Sutula and California Congresswoman Julia Brownley.

There’s an old adage that says: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. For Chelsea Sutula, CEO of the Sespe Creek Collective, this statement has never rung truer. Following a devastating arrest, seizure of business and personal assets including her pets, and a long-fought legal battle that ended in complete exoneration, Chelsea knows first-hand that despite her best intentions to bring cannabis to the masses, her journey has been fraught with challenges.

Fortunately, today Chelsea’s business is thriving and she’s finally able to grow her business unencumbered. Recently, in an intimate interview with the hosts of the Topa Talk podcast, Chelsea shared some of the trials and tribulations associated with being a female dispensary owner and the first Ventura County dispensary to become licensed for adult-use cannabis.

Chelsea opened up about what it’s like to deal with the criminal justice system, how Sespe came to be the first legal dispensary in Ventura County, and how she’s continuing to grow the business. Chelsea also shared a very personal look at early influences that may have helped shape her decision to become an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.

We invite you to listen to the podcast and hear answers to these burning questions: Did Chelsea take DARE as a kid? What do her parents think of their daughter owning a dispensary? How does a cannabis CEO get high? If reading is more your thing, you can also check out this recent article by Voyage LA, who also interviewed Chelsea this month.

The staff at Sespe Creek is very proud of its fearless leader. Take a listen and/or a read find out why.

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  1. Roderick Leonard


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