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Weed & Waste: A second life with succulents

Weed & Waste: A second life with succulents

Weed and waste have been a prevalent hot topic as of late. We’re always looking for ways to “go green” and reduce the amount of waste that cannabis manufacturing can and does produce.  The harrowing reality of the cannabis industry’s carbon footprint can’t be ignored. One of our loyal customers is doing her part to reduce, recycle and reuse her accumulating glass cannabis jars. You know those glass jars your grams come in, that are piling up at home?

Local artist Hope Henniger saw an opportunity to create “green” art so to speak. “Potted with Love” was created with the simple idea to creatively reuse glass dispensary jars. 

Henniger appreciated the design and usefulness of the containers and knew they could have a second life as small succulent pots. She’s an avid gardener and enjoys the ease of working with succulents, they need little water and even less tending. 

Each Potted with Love jar contains live clippings from yard plants, succulent soil mix, pea gravel, and charcoal to aid in drainage. Hope is excited to have an effective solution to minimize the waste created by consuming cannabis. She says, “The jars keep coming and I keep planting.”

We love what you’re doing Hope, keep it up. Be sure to follow her budding business on Instagram @pottedwithlove805.

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  1. Charlesetta Smith

    I recycle my jars also by using them to hold different gemstones and findings used in making jewelry. I use them as containers for my homemade butter and jams too.

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