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Farmer Appreciation: Sol Spirit Farm & Retreats

The weekend before summer solstice, Sespe Creek CEO Chelsea Sutula along with Marketing Manager Michelle Rosenblum and Budtender Lori Eckberg were invited to visit one of our Sun+Earth Certified farms and see their regenerative practice in action. Sol Spirit is located in Trinity County, just a few minutes from the beautiful Trinity River. They offer a unique glamping experience which allowed us to tour their established regenerative cannabis farm, eat food sustainably grown on the same farm, and simply pause for a weekend during our busy, getting-back-to-normal lives to breathe in fresh forest air and, naturally, smoke some fine cannabis. Earth Conscious Cannabis Sol Spirit cannabis is grown in small batches, lovingly crafted, sun grown, and sustainably cultivated. They take great care to ensure that their cultivation practices are harmonious […]

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