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Farmer Appreciation: Sol Spirit Farm & Retreats

Farmer Appreciation: Sol Spirit Farm & Retreats

The weekend before summer solstice, Sespe Creek CEO Chelsea Sutula along with Marketing Manager Michelle Rosenblum and Budtender Lori Eckberg were invited to visit one of our Sun+Earth Certified farms and see their regenerative practice in action.

Sol Spirit is located in Trinity County, just a few minutes from the beautiful Trinity River. They offer a unique glamping experience which allowed us to tour their established regenerative cannabis farm, eat food sustainably grown on the same farm, and simply pause for a weekend during our busy, getting-back-to-normal lives to breathe in fresh forest air and, naturally, smoke some fine cannabis.

Earth Conscious Cannabis

Sol Spirit cannabis is grown in small batches, lovingly crafted, sun grown, and sustainably cultivated. They take great care to ensure that their cultivation practices are harmonious with the local and global environment. The full spectrum, natural light of the sun and their organic practices produce an unrivaled product.

“Knowing that we are producing the cleanest, most healing medicine that we can in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Knowing that we are providing solid employment for our crew that allows them to achieve their life goals. Receiving comments from happy customers that our flower helped them and they enjoyed consuming it.”

Walter Wood & Judi Nelson, Owner Operators of Sol Spirit in an interview with Humoldt County Growers Alliance

Cannabis Glamping!

The perfect vacation for cannabis lovers! Combine your love of cannabis with a relaxing, fun filled getaway at Sol Spirit Retreats. This is a unique experience you will never forget. You will return home rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to live your highest purpose.

  • Sleep in a luxurious bell tent with real beads and comfy linens
  • Each tent has its own bathroom with hot running water and fluffy towels
  • Enjoy organic farm to table meals
  • Take a farm tour and learn about regenerative farming, permaculture, green building, and alternative energy technology
  • River rafting, float trips, biking, hiking, other local farm tours, and swimming excursions available

3 thoughts on “Farmer Appreciation: Sol Spirit Farm & Retreats”

  1. Hi There,
    Would really like to see your planting technique ! Looks right! What’s your procedure for coming there to stay for a day or two to see ‘how’ you do it? I live in the conservative nazi county of Siskiyou. It’s really a beautiful county with a corruptly rotten government runnin’ it. They most recently are going to git their pants sued offa em in a good ole American Civil Rights suit that m a y change their ways !! Well it as least is gonna cost em Plenty! But “F” that ! I Grow !

  2. Hello! WOW it’s so cool! This is the ideal getaway for marijuana connoisseurs! At Sol Spirit Retreats, I may combine our love of marijuana with a peaceful and enjoyable vacation. I’ll have an unforgettable time because of this. I return home will be filled with inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose.

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