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Guest Blog by Emerald Sky

Emerald Sky was founded in Oakland, California in 2018 and named after the Emerald Triangle. Where the quality, organic, cannabis used in all of their products is sourced. Now Emerald Sky has expanded their reach across all of California, while dedicating themselves to bringing you world class cannabis confections. This also contributes to the choice of Cirrus the Bear as the brand mascot, who was chosen to pay homage to the great state of California. You can also find Cirrus’ story featured on every Emerald Sky product. The company is also well known for their use of individual packaging for every piece of candy; this ensures freshness, precise dosage control, and is perfect to take along with you.

Founder Josh Taylor, started Emerald Sky from his home kitchen in San Francisco three years ago. In 1991 he introduced the first organic chocolate bar to Whole Foods Market, and in 1993 pioneered the first made in America organic chocolate bars. With over three decades of experience in candy innovation, and a combined passion for cannabis, he created the first infused licorice. Taking his keen eye for natural ingredients, and distaste for artificial flavors and color the company prides themselves on making a product that is 100 percent natural. Emerald Sky has been able to expand their product line to gummies, hard candies, chocolate peanut butter cups, and crème filled cookies. Using a unique technological solution for accurate dosing, Emerald Sky has quickly become one of California’s most diverse edible brands.

After the creation of licorice, gummies, and hard candies, Emerald Sky became the first edible company in California to create an infused peanut butter cup and has gained much notoriety for that fact. Peanut butter cups are their most popular confection and arguably the finest peanut butter cup you have ever tasted. Following the success of their peanut butter cups, they debuted the industry’s first chocolate crème filled cookie. The cookies quickly became a staple in the Emerald Sky line up especially amongst the vegan community. Other vegan options to note are their licorice, hard candies, and more recently their live resin gummies.

Emerald Sky’s live resin gummies debuted early this month as one of their most anticipated releases. The live resin gummies are not only vegan but produced with strain specific live resin. These gummies are also melt resistant and come individually wrapped in fully recyclable tins. The flavors were specially selected to compliment the strains used in each gummy and their unique terpenes. The three available varieties come in Boysenberry Lemonade produced with Super Lemon OG live resin, Spicy Chili Mango with Fire OG live resin, and Blackberry Lime with Purple Haze live resin. These vegan gummies are also gluten free. Other Emerald Sky products that are gluten free include the hard candies, original gummies and peanut butter cups.

With the company’s knowledge of gourmet goodies they have been able to conjure up a list of recipes designed to allow you to elevate their product in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can find full recipe books to pair with your Emerald Sky purchase in the majority of their retailers. Two of their favorite recipes are provided below.

Give these recipes a try next time you are looking for a treat and let Emerald Sky know what you think! @emeraldskyedibles

Cannabis Infused Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Additional Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes


  • 36 Peanut Butter Cups
  • ½ Cup Unsalted Butter, Softened
  • ½ Cup Granulated Sugar
  • ½ Cup Packed Brown Sugar
  • ½ Cup Creamy Peanut Butter
  • 1 Large Egg (Room Temp)
  • 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1 Tbs Milk
  • ½ Tsp Salt
  • 1 Tsp Baking Soda
  • 1 ¾ Cups All-Purpose Flour


  1. Preheat oven to 350° and lightly grease mini muffin tins.
  2. Place unwrapped peanut butter cups on a tray or plate and put in the freezer
    until ready to use.
  3. Using a large bowl and electric mixer, cream butter and sugars and peanut
    butter until fluffy.
  4. Beat in egg, vanilla, milk until well incorporated. Add salt and baking soda
    and continue beating, then gradually add flour and mix until just combined.
  5. Using a 1 tablespoon cookie scoop, drop cookie dough balls into prepared
    mini muffin tins.
  6. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven and remove candies from freezer.
  7. Immediately press peanut butter cups into each cookie, and place pan in the
    refrigerator for about 20 minutes (this will allow the cookies to cool without
    the candies melting).
  8. Once cooled carefully remove cookies from pan and place on cooling rack.
    Store in an airtight container

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