408 Bryant Circle, Suite C, Ojai, CA   Mon-Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5  (855) 722-9333 info@sespe.org

About Sespe Creek Collective

Sespe aims to bring the best of our local region’s strains, concentrates, drinks, edibles and topicals to patients with all budgets, health backgrounds and tastes. We carry one of the largest selections of CBD-rich medicine in Southern California (always sourced from from whole-plant cannabis, not hemp) and our medicine is all lab tested according to California regulations. We recognize the importance of keeping both staff and patients educated on the latest research about medical cannabis, so we keep an active blog, website, and current strain listings with detailed, well-researched information.

We also advocate on behalf of patients by speaking at city council and county supervisor meetings on the importance of safe access for medical patients, or traveling to Sacramento to lobby our state Senators and Assembly Members directly for sensible cannabis regulation.

In November 2016, less than a week before the election, Sespe was raided and our inventory, cash and bank accounts were all seized. The CEO was arrested and we were unable to resume operations. Almost a year to the day from the raid, Sespe re-opened as a dispensary and delivery service in the beautiful and forward-thinking city of Ojai, as the first fully-licensed dispensary in Ventura County.  We love our new home and hope you come to visit us soon at our boutique dispensary!