Our mission is to provide a thoughtfully-curated selection of California’s best cannabis to patients in a relaxed, warm and high vibrational setting. Our staff is passionate about helping people find what works for them and we take pride in keeping staff trained on all the latest understandings about cannabis and its therapeutic benefits. Our focus will always be on the medical use of this healing plant.

OUR SPECIALTY: We have always carried one of the largest selections of CBD-rich medicine in Southern California (always sourced from whole-plant cannabis, never industrial hemp) and our medicine is lab tested and labeled in accordance with California regulations.


We are proud to announce that Sespe Creek Collective is the most awarded dispensary in Ventura County and Ojai specifically.

2020 – Best Cannabis Dispensary, Ojai Valley News

2020 – Best CBD Retailer, Ojai Valley News

2020 – Marijuana Dispensary, Reader Recommended, VCReporter

2019 – Market Infleuncer / Leaflink List

2019 – Best Marijuana Dispensary, VC Reporter 

2019 – Best Cannabis Dispensary, Ojai Valley News

2019 – Best CBD Retailer, Ojai Valley News

2018 – Best Marijuana Dispensary, Ojai Valley News  

2018 – Best Marijuana Dispensary, VC Reporter  


Sespe Creek Collective has been recognized in the media many times since we opened our storefront dispensary on November 2, 2017 and prior to that as an active voice at city hall lobbying for sensible regulation and safe access.

One of our most recent mentions, and the one we are most proud of, is the opening of our Pot Lifer Museum. This exhibit is a reminder of the harsh “War on Drugs” treatment some non- violent cannabis offenders received and who continue to serve life sentences.

Causes we Support

We’ve always known that success isn’t measured solely by our services, but also by our efforts to make our community a better place to live and thrive. Sespe Creek Collective’s home is beautiful Ojai. A big part of our giving back to this community is our support of worthwhile causes and organizations through donations and grants.

Along with providing complimentary cannabis to medical patients through our Compassionate Care Program we help build a more equitable community in Ojai and the larger Ventura county by supporting organizations who help those who are less fortunate.

Sespe Creek is a proud member of
The Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce and a certified Ventura County California Green Business.