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Cannabis and the Common Cold: Helpful or Hurtful?

We’ve all been there. One moment you’re feeling great, the next moment your energy’s zapped, you can’t breathe, your head’s pounding and your throat feels like sandpaper. Welcome to the cold and flu season.

While plenty of rest and lots of fluids are a prescription as old as time, some people believe there’s a new over the counter (OTC) remedy to consider. It’s cannabis. But is it helpful or harmful? Let’s explore.

On the positive side, cannabis contains cannabinoids and terpenoids, compounds that are purported to offer anti-inflammatory effects on the body, which may help to reduce inflamed sinuses, headache pressure and puffy eyes and face. Moreover, cannabis’ uplifting effects can lessen general aches and pains, which are common cold symptoms.

However, cannabis opponents may be more likely to claim that smoking marijuana can worsen a cold, as inhalation of smoke may aggravate upper respiratory-related symptoms and promote coughing wheezing and mucus production.

While some people believe that smoking helps with inflammatory symptoms, others argue that the heat and smoke can make these symptoms worse. 

Another detriment to consider is whether you’re already treating your cold with OTC medications. It’s possible that cannabis may interact adversely. Some common side effects of cannabis and OTC cold medicines can include dry mouth, dizziness, impaired cognitive function, drowsiness, and lowered body temperature.

If you want to use cannabis to help alleviate cold symptoms, consider non-inhaling methods of ingesting like edibles and topicals. 

Some products that our staff swear by include bath soaks, body balms and lotions. Papa & Barkley Releaf Bath Soak (1:3) THC:CBD is ideal to help alleviate muscle aches, relax the senses, and promote deeper, more restful sleep. It’s also rich in sea salt which is hailed for its therapeutic, health-enhancing minerals known to stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps, and help relieve stiffness in joints.

To soothe an achy throat, consider drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea infused with Kikoko Honeyshot Calm or Honeyshot Snooze. These CBD-rich Manuka honey sticks are made with the finest raw honey found only in New Zealand. Rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and antibacterial and antifungal properties, they’re not only immune-boosting wonders, but they’re also natural cough suppressants.  

Ultimately, there’s no direct scientific research on the efficacy of ingesting cannabis for cold relief. Equally, there’s insufficient evidence to support the detrimental effects either.

Therefore, whichever path you choose, remember to drink plenty of fluids, get lots of rest, and definitely stock up on tissue. And, if you do choose to incorporate cannabis into your treatment plan, start with a low dose and moderate your progress as you go. 

To your good health. Cheers! 

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