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Purple City Genetics: Seeds vs Clones

PCG Seed Collection Purple City Genetics is an Oakland-based collective breeding and cultivating California’s best cannabis phenotypes. Their genetics program is shaped by a deep connection to the plant and a knowledge base that is informed by California’s best growers and producers. They’ve been growing their plants for optimal health, potency, yield, and terpene production

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Ojai Herbal Symposium

We are proud sponsors of The Ojai Herbal Symposium on “Natural Resilience” will take place Friday through Sunday, November 16-18. Internationally recognized medical cannabis researcher Kevin Spelman, PhD, will deliver the keynote address on Friday evening in Krotona Hall on “Insights into Resilience: The Human-Plant Connection.”  He will give two other talks Saturday on “Cannabidiol: The Anxiolytic, Anti-Inflammatory, Analgesic, Nootropic,

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