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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mom always takes care of you, this time it’s your turn! Here’s a short list of things we think your mom would love. Not sure what she’d like? We sell gift cards! And, don’t forget Grandma!

Kikoko: Taste of tea

Kikoko makes organic cannabis-infused herbal teas formulated to help with sleep, mood, pain, sex, and everyday wellness. Read more

It’s Earth Day; We Need to Talk About Plastics

Plastic: it’s everywhere.

Happy Earth Day, Sespe Community!

Let’s begin with a little history. After the celebration of that first Earth Day in 1970, President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency and signed the Clean Air Act into law.

It’s a reminder that we can accomplish big things when citizens stand together to demand a safe, healthy environment. Read more

Ventura is working on a cannabis delivery ordinance!

Sespe Creek Employee Ally shared her story with the Ventura City Council March 4. Go Ally!

The Ventura City Council appears poised to approve an ordinance regulating cannabis deliveries… at some point.

The Council voted unanimously Monday, March 4 directing Ventura city staff to draft guidelines governing legal cannabis deliveries in the city from licensed dispensaries like Sespe Creek. Read more

Sespe Pairing: Bloom Farms Highlighter + Marie Kondo

Bloom Farms’ “Super Silver Haze” is in the “Create” category.

Greetings! I’m Andra. I’ll be blogging here about all things cannabis: news from Sespe Creek, cannabis policy, interviews with health providers, industry news, reviews and more. Today’s post is in a format I hope to repeat periodically — ‘Sespe Pairings’ — essentially, a cannabis experience coupled with an activity I believe is suited well to the strain. Read more

Guide to Concentrates

Guide to Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are variations of concentrated trichomes (or resin glands) which contain most of the plant’s cannabinoids like THC and CBD. These essential elements are extracted from the cannabis flower using different methods and techniques to achieve different levels of potency, taste, and texture or viscosity (which change how the concentrate can be consumed).  Read more