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Listen to what a few of our friends have to say about their visits to Sespe Creek Collective and what made it so memorable!

Zhena from magic hour

Sespe is the only dispensary I’ve ever been to and it’s women-owned, which I love. Everyone who works there is incredibly kind and they educate you on everything. I just love the vibe, the products, and the people; I haven’t felt like I needed to go anywhere else. So, if you need pain relief, help with sleep or you want to explore the cannabis world for health benefits as well as mood benefits, Sespe, for me, has been a friendly place to go. It’s not intimidating, it’s not embarrassing, and it’s just a lovely experience all around.

lanny the herb guy

Well, I like it because I’m a science-based herbalist. I’m really about finding out the correct information about herbs and their uses and contraindications and things like that. Sespe Creek does such a great job of customer education. I was going to say patient education because of, you know, medical cannabis is how it all started. They do a really great job with that and they’re really particular about the companies they work with. The products are the top quality you can trust. You know what comes out of here, so I think they’re a great model not just for the cannabis industry but for any business that is promoting a healthy product.

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“ The people were welcoming, knowledgeable and engaging. Had not tried this one before due to my illnesses I have had a friend retrieve this amazing product(at one time called the gateway drug lol). Thank you kind friends at the Sepse Creek Collective. There are so many people who must love you and the colleagues you employee care. Thank you all what you do isn’t just a job it is a calling. And we that need you are eternally grateful. ”

Frances J.

“ I arrived today for my pickup order & was assisted by two GREAT employees: Cloud and Angel. I truly appreciate both of you. Much love for the TLC my order received. ”

Kris H.

“ Great product selection, knowledgeable people. I highly recommend this collective. Everyone is friendly and always happy to see you. You can be sure you are buying fresh- highest quality product at Sespe Creek Collective every visit you make. Ohh, yeah they also give back to their patrons via a loyalty program, every now and then at checkout I get a nice surprise discount. How great is that! ”

Kyle C.

“ “The absolute best experience I’ve had at a dispensary. All you could want out of one is here: friendly and knowledgeable staff, well laid out displays, and most certainly everything you could need. I discovered THC infused tea bags at this location! Who knew such a thing was possible! Highly recommended. ” 

Noah C.

 “ This place is AMAZING! The staff here is second to none! They are all wicked knowledgeable about all of their products and were able to help guide my family and I to the proper medicine for each of us!! I go into a lot of dispensaries and my only regret is that i don’t live closer to Sespe Creek! Thanks! ” 

Jody S.

 “ This place is very organized, and they responded so quickly to our concerns it was so satisfying. The staff does a great job all around, we will without a doubt be back thank you. ” 

Robert G.

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