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Uplifted Local: Kim of Ventura

From the Paradise Fire to cancer, Kim’s story about her family coming together during difficult times is inspiring, but also heavy. With hesitation, but good intentions, Kim’s family turned to cannabis for relief and connection. Kim’s persistence — – combined with professional education and support – brought some degree of peace to her family throughout an otherwise challenging situation. We bring you this story so that you and our community at large can bring similar help and relief to friends and loved ones. It is not always easy to bring up these topics and at times it can be very difficult to talk to friends and family about cannabis, even if you are only trying to help. There is much to learn from Kim’s approach and success in breaching these […]

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UPLIFTED LOCAL: Leigh Moross / Ojai

by Isolda Restrepo Leigh Moross is one of Ojai’s finest and is one of a kind. She does her darndest, just as the rest of us do, to make the best of each day. One of the main differences being that it’s an actual, painstaking struggle for her to get out of bed each morning. Ms. Moross has suffered many broken and shattered bones, snapped tendons, a dislocated rotator cuff, nerve damage, Rheumatoid Arthritis, a plethora of surgeries, and poor health care. “Every single day feels like I’ve been hit by a car, AND I have the flu,” she recounts. In 2004 Leigh was all packed up to leave her home in Denver. She had landed a new doula position in Hawaii, and was just about ready to leave for […]

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UPLIFTED LOCAL: Kristyn Pratt King, Fillmore

In 2014 Kristyn Pratt King was a healthy mother in the greatest shape of her life. One evening, in her regular kickboxing class, she noticed her hands were going numb. She didn’t  think much of it, and continued on with her training. As she was walking to her car to return home to her husband and two year old boy, she noticed her sensory awareness changing. “I noticed I was having tunnel vision. I didn’t feel safe driving, so I went back into the studio to ask for a ride home.’’ Once inside,  she fell unconscious. Luckily, a woman waiting for the next class to begin was a nurse.  “She administered CPR on me, and someone called the ambulance” she said. Once she arrived at the hospital, they could not sufficiently […]

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Aurora's daily regimen

Oak View’s own, Aurora, shares her story of how her discovery and use of medical cannabis miraculously changed her life’s trajectory, and refined her existence.

Seventeen years ago, Aurora’s life in New York was radically altered by a devastating accident which rendered her with brain injuries, and nocturnal seizures. When doctors were finally able to understand and diagnose her condition, she began what she calls her ‘’pharmacological odyssey’’. After running the gamut of recommended pharmaceutical medications, she was left with a significantly diminished sense of self. […]

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