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Women’s Health

Periods, menopause, and endometriosis — oh my!

It goes without saying that women and those who were born female have no shortage of challenges when it comes to their bodies. Even though these issues are not necessarily unique, each person’s body and experience are. With so many different symptoms and levels of severity, at Sespe Creek we are dedicated to finding cannabis products that work for everyone trying to be at peace with their bodies.

Nola Evangelista, author of “Tokin’ Women”, says it best in her forward:

“Women are often excluded from medical studies, due to the cyclical nature of our hormones and the fact that pregnancy can interfere with studies., We need to demand more research not only into the use of cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but also for PMS and cancer, particularly breast cancer. PMS is joked about, but it’s actually quite serious: The suicide rate among menstruating women is significantly higher during PMS than at other times in their cycle, so we’re talking life and death.”

From balms and tinctures to even suppositories, we have curated a collection of products and brands that are by women and for women. Our goal is that together, as a dispensary and you, our loyal patrons, can support women, their health, and the brands that are fighting to make a difference.

Cosmic View

Founded by a mother scientist and a daughter cancer survivor, Cosmic View is a line of the purest organic cannabis products formulated with science and traditional herbal wisdom. Their co-founder / formulator / resident scientist, Christine Skibola, PhD, uses her vast scientific background to produce Cosmic View’s cannabis products aimed at helping individuals with specific health conditions.

Being a women owned, women focused company, they have much experience with women searching for relief from their pain and suffering related to dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a debilitating disease that significantly impacts the lives of millions of women worldwide. It is an inflammatory and chronic pain disease defined by the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity. If left untreated, endometriosis may cause infertility, painful sex, and increase a woman’s risk of endometrial cancer. Currently available treatments for endometriosis, including hormonal therapy and surgery, have a limited effect and can produce many unwanted side effects. Women are now able to experiment on their own to try to find the right dose and combination of cannabinoids that will work best to help alleviate their symptoms.

Cosmic View is 100% committed to sourcing only the most holistic, pesticide and solvent free ingredients that’s grown fully in the California sun with sustainable farming methods. They also use heirloom Northern California extra virgin olive oil from Sonoma County. Their amazing balm, Viva La V, is a Vaginal Care Formula. This 100% organic, doctor-formulated, CBD-infused vaginal moisturizing balm is formulated to replenish, rejuvenate, protect and repair intimate skin. Their blend of premium CBD with olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E provides an anti-inflammatory, healing and protective barrier for highly sensitive skin areas. Their balm also has Ylang-ylang which is great for soothing vaginal tissues.

Hello Again

Hello Again is a female-focused cannabis company that aims to help women through every phase of life. Founders Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas go way back – twenty years ago the duo met when their oldest children started preschool. Carrie’s creativity combined with Patty’s attention to detail make them the perfect pair to spearhead a movement to educate women about menopause and the non-psychoactive use of cannabis for wellness at any age. Carrie and Patty founded Hello Again in 2019, after extensive research and development. The duo is committed to offering solutions for women to improve both mental and physical health and feel like themselves again.

Menopause is not the end, it is just the middle and there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel good and be able to start a business, start dating, or participate fully in whatever the things are that are coming along in your life. You cannot be bogged down by all these symptoms that menopause creates. Hello Again believes that cannabis is not treating a symptom, it is enhancing your system to bring balance to your body. So that you can feel like yourself again.

Their cannabis-based vaginal suppositories can be used by women of all ages to combat pain, moodiness, low energy, hot flashes/night sweats, and sleeplessness.  These vaginal suppositories combine THC and CBD with other natural botanicals like lavender, rosemary, and apple cider vinegar to provide physical, emotional, and cognitive relief, as well as relief from vaginal dryness. These “vagitories” were designed to help women feel healthy, not high, so they can get on with the beautiful business of their lives.

Their Night Time Relief (1 CBD : 4 THC) is a Sleep formulation that supports uninterrupted sleep, regulates those pesky hot flashes, reduces night sweats, and keeps your V-Force lubricated. They also have an Everyday, Daytime relief formula. At 8 CBD : 1 THC, it combines natural botanicals to help sharpen your mind, brighten your day, also regulates hot flashes and keeps your V-force hydrated without a psychoactive high.


Foria is an innovative health & sexual wellness company, rooted in the proven wisdom of plants and powered by compassion. Their all-natural Cannabis & Hemp formulas have been changing lives since 2013. Foria was the first brand to create comprehensive product lines for intimacy, relief, and optimal wellbeing for women. With an extensive available CBD line and THC products and an unwavering commitment to clean ingredients, organic & regenerative farming, sex education, and responsible packaging, they maintain high standards of purity and transparency for your health, and the health of our planet.

Historically speaking, pain experienced by women and people with uteruses has often been dismissed as unimportant, exaggerated, or even a divine punishment for original sin – which may partly explain the lack of available options. Midol, the last commercial product specifically designed to address period pain, was released in 1911, and newer innovations often involve side effects that can make the cure worse than the problem. Studies seem to show that CBD, the now-famous non-intoxicating cannabinoid, even works by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins – the same way non-inflammatories do, without the tummy ache or other side effects.

The Foria Pleasure Oil is a personal lubricant.  As an all-natural plant based medicinal, it works with your body to facilitate unique wellness experience. For some women it may awaken arousal, heighten sensation, and make orgasm more intense and achievable. Foria’s lubricant also reduces pain and tension, and promotes natural lubrication, rest, and relaxation.

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