Our Staff, Our Secret Sauce

We occasionally get questions about our prices and why a product might cost more at Sespe, so we wanted to highlight a few ways Sespe is different from other dispensary/delivery services. In addition to being transparent by including ALL taxes in the prices shown, we avoid sales tactics like artificially inflating prices then having big “30% off everything” promotions. Read more

Summer Cannabis Recipes

This summer, turn your backyard BBQ into a whole vibe. Even if you are just medicating and seeking comfort, these recipes will ease the pain and hit home with your inner foodie. This curated list of recipes all include products you can find in our show room without needing to create your own raw materials like butter or oil — we have you covered for that! Read more

Outdoor Grow Season Is Here

For those who cultivate indoors or in a greenhouse using supplemental lights, the grower is afforded a year round grow season. But for those who enjoy growing outdoors using the power of the sun, the location and the date you plant your crop and later harvest your bounty is determined by the photoperiod, the length of the day and the amount of light that gets to your plants.  Read more