Bathing in Cannabis

Far beyond a traditional topical and so different from an edible, cannabis baths are in a category by themselves. Immersible cannabis therapy delivers a powerful mind/body effect that brings countless benefits with little to no psychoactivity. Anyone who has used topical cannabis knows that this medicine is capable of exerting its effects directly on the body without first being processed through the system. The reason for this is that the skin is absolutely packed with cannabinoid receptors. CB1 and CB2 receptors are found in epidermal keratinocytes (90% of all skin cells), nerve fiber bundles, mast cells, macrophages, and the epithelial cells of hair follicles, sebocytes and sweat glands. In addition to this, recent research has revealed that multiple members of the transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channel family can act as […]

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UPLIFTED LOCAL: Kristyn Pratt King, Fillmore

In 2014 Kristyn Pratt King was a healthy mother in the greatest shape of her life. One evening, in her regular kickboxing class, she noticed her hands were going numb. She didn’t  think much of it, and continued on with her training. As she was walking to her car to return home to her husband and two year old boy, she noticed her sensory awareness changing. “I noticed I was having tunnel vision. I didn’t feel safe driving, so I went back into the studio to ask for a ride home.’’ Once inside,  she fell unconscious. Luckily, a woman waiting for the next class to begin was a nurse.  “She administered CPR on me, and someone called the ambulance” she said. Once she arrived at the hospital, they could not sufficiently […]

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Aurora's daily regimen

Oak View’s own, Aurora, shares her story of how her discovery and use of medical cannabis miraculously changed her life’s trajectory, and refined her existence.

Seventeen years ago, Aurora’s life in New York was radically altered by a devastating accident which rendered her with brain injuries, and nocturnal seizures. When doctors were finally able to understand and diagnose her condition, she began what she calls her ‘’pharmacological odyssey’’. After running the gamut of recommended pharmaceutical medications, she was left with a significantly diminished sense of self. […]

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Get Involved! Support SB-1302 and AB-2215

We’d like to express serious gratitude to Senator Ricardo Lara, who introduced SB-1302 this past Friday in the California Senate. “This bill would prohibit a local jurisdiction from preventing delivery of cannabis or cannabis products on public roads, or to an address that is located within the jurisdictional boundaries of that local jurisdiction, by a licensee who is acting in compliance with MAUCRSA and who is acting in compliance with any license, permit, or other authorization obtained from another local jurisdiction. The bill would include findings that the changes proposed by this bill address a matter of statewide concern, rather than a municipal affair and, therefore, apply to all cities, including charter cities.” If this bill passes, cities like Fillmore, Santa Paula, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard and Ventura would no […]

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Extended Hours

We are excited to announce that Sespe will now be OPEN LATER for your convenience on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!! Our new hours of operation are: 10am – 5pm on Sunday 10am – 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 10am – 7pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Please note, we will be closed New Years Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. […]

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2018 Guide to Choosing a Vaporizer

Perhaps you’ve made a resolution to get healthier or quit smoking this year. We’re not knocking smoking! It’s great too. But every cannabis user should try vaporizing at some point to see if it’s right for them. There are plenty of reasons to choose a vaporizer over smoking: Vaporizing is healthier since fewer carcinogenic compounds are released compared to combustion (smoke).  Many people prefer the clear-headed high that vaporizing provides. If you haven’t tried it yet, give vaporizing a go—it feels a little different than smoking. Vaporizing has far less of a smell and is more discreet than smoking. The list goes on… Okay, so you’re sold. What’s next? How do you choose which vaporizer? It used to be easy to pick a vaporizer since there were only a handful of options. Now there are hundreds […]

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We Have Our California State Temp License!

PICTURED: Lori Ajax, California’s Chief of Cannabis Regulation We’re thrilled to have received our state temp license on January 2nd, so that our operations are not interrupted and we remain open and in support of your well being. We are also being vigilant that our vendors are compliant as well. The following article and several other related stories from Leafly are a great resource for you to learn more about this. ANAHEIM—With the launch of California’s adult-use cannabis market just 101 days away, regulators will introduce a temporary licensing program aimed at ensuring a smooth start to regulated sales, the state’s top cannabis official announced on Thursday. Lori Ajax, chief of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, unveiled the temporary licensing program in a keynote address at the California Cannabis Business […]

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Jeff Sessions Has Rescinded the Cole Memo. What Now?

As many or most of you may have heard by now, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recently rescinded the Cole Memo that essentially allowed states to move forward with legal cannabis programs with little to no fear of Federal interference, even though cannabis remains Federally illegal. We remain optimistic and feel confident in the strength of the industry and progress so far in California to bolster our collective resistance against this blatant disregard of states rights and the will of the voters. There are many ways to get involved if you are so moved. For instance, our friends at Green Flower Media have launched a #DearJeffSessions campaign… If you haven’t heard the news, Jeff Sessions has just rescinded the Obama-era guidelines, which have been protecting state cannabis laws and programs from […]

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Share the Joy

The impending holiday season has us all a bit stressed, given we’ve just weathered through a horrific wildfire and weren’t sure we’d be reopening at all. We are SO GRATEFUL for the all firefighters, first responders, utility workers, shelter volunteers and good citizens who have gone to great lengths to keep us and our community safe and protected. We are busy finding ways to express our gratitude both personally and collectively. We brought back our daily specials and have been giving compassionate care packages to those displaced by the fire. Now we’re asking for your help as we struggle to close out what has been a financially difficult year for the collective. We are so lucky to have come this far; most collectives were not successful in obtaining a local […]

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