Aurora's daily regimen

Oak View’s own, Aurora, shares her story of how her discovery and use of medical cannabis miraculously changed her life’s trajectory, and refined her existence.

Seventeen years ago, Aurora’s life in New York was radically altered by a devastating accident which rendered her with brain injuries, and nocturnal seizures. When doctors were finally able to understand and diagnose her condition, she began what she calls her ‘’pharmacological odyssey’’. After running the gamut of recommended pharmaceutical medications, she was left with a significantly diminished sense of self. […]

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Get Involved! Support SB-1302 and AB-2215

We’d like to express serious gratitude to Senator Ricardo Lara, who introduced SB-1302 this past Friday in the California Senate. “This bill would prohibit a local jurisdiction from preventing delivery of cannabis or cannabis products on public roads, or to an address that is located within the jurisdictional boundaries of that local jurisdiction, by a […]

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2018 Guide to Choosing a Vaporizer

Perhaps you’ve made a resolution to get healthier or quit smoking this year. We’re not knocking smoking! It’s great too. But every cannabis user should try vaporizing at some point to see if it’s right for them. There are plenty of reasons to choose a vaporizer over smoking: Vaporizing is healthier since fewer carcinogenic compounds are released compared to combustion […]

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Share the Joy

The impending holiday season has us all a bit stressed, given we’ve just weathered through a horrific wildfire and weren’t sure we’d be reopening at all. We are SO GRATEFUL for the all firefighters, first responders, utility workers, shelter volunteers and good citizens who have gone to great lengths to keep us and our community […]

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Thomas Fire News and Resources

UPDATED 12/9: We will be open on December 10, 2017, normal hours.  The evacuations have been lifted for most of Ojai, but we urge everyone to take precautions with the air. If you can smell wood smoke, it’s enough to be harmful. The EPA says that regular dust masks and scarves aren’t enough to protect […]

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New cannabis regulations on the horizon

“Tax and regulate!” we said, and our voices were heard. With 2018 fast approaching, here are some of the taxation and regulation-related differences to expect. As much as we welcome the new regulations designed to protect public health and safety, we will certainly miss some aspects of our current self-regulated system, like our ability to […]

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