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It’s Not Easy Being Green

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Welcome to our sustainable practices blog series. This is the first of several installments highlighting our commitment to improving and enhancing our environmentally friendly operational practices. Our journey has been ongoing, but we’re proud of our most recent milestone…becoming a Ventura County certified green business.

Recently, through the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance (VCREA) and the California Green Business Network (CAGBN), Sespe Creek Collective became a Ventura County Green Business Program Certified Business.

Green business certification is one of the best ways companies like ours can effectively cut unnecessary costs, increase employee engagement and pride, support our communities, and stay competitive. We’re proud that our efforts have been formally recognized and that we’re now part of a statewide network of eco-conscious businesses committed to environmental stewardship. Recent studies show that as many as 75% of consumers prefer to patronize green businesses and buy green products. And we want our customers to know that we stand with them.

The California Green Business Program is a network of local programs operated by counties and cities throughout California. Businesses that apply receive personal attention from the public agencies and utilities that serve them. The program is funded by grass-roots contributions from local government and utility partners to make it accessible to small to medium-sized businesses in California. Certified Green Businesses exceed all environmental regulations and implement specific practices to reduce pollution, save water, conserve energy, and protect human health.

We found the process painless and we encourage other companies to join the movement.  Last year, program members saved nearly $33 million in utility costs and reduce harmful greenhouse gases equivalent to planting over 44,000 acres of trees statewide. We simply followed a few prescribed steps. We registered and applied with VCREA. After reviewing our application, they assisted us in identifying methods for further cutting our waste efforts and reducing our energy costs. Lastly, they gave us a final evaluation, and voila! We passed! It’s an honor to receive this certification and we know that our community cares about how we are doing business and impacting the environment.

At Sespe Creek Collective, we’re passionate about taking care of our planet. We believe that means not only by practicing conservation but by helping others use natural remedies to help heal their bodies and minds that are supplied by manufacturers who also are committed to sustainability.

Stay tuned as we share more about our efforts and their efficacy to the greater good!

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