805 Sour

Pacific Stone is a labor of love from a group of friends and family in Southern California. The company only sells what it grows. Nothing is outsourced. Pacific Stone cultivates, cures, and packages cannabis direct from our farm to you. You can be sure every flower they grow and package has been tended to by its team’s caring hands. Read more


Nectr is our newest cannabis-infused sparkling water. Nectr is unique in that it’s priced lower than many of its competing products and it contains zero sugar.

Nectr is the brainchild of Spacestation, a beverage consulting firm based in Southern California. The company’s core principle is to medicate the masses, by creating economically accessible THC-infused beverages that everyone can enjoy. Read more

Jetfuel Flower

Ready to fuel your next adventure? Introducing our newest grower Jetfuel, a small-batch, craft-cultivated grower who believes everyone should have access to high-quality cannabis they can trust, at prices they can afford. Jetfuel flower is indoor-grown using only organic cultivation products and practices and hand-trimmed on-site by skilled personnel.

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