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Free delivery on orders over $75!           Prices shown include all taxes

Hemp Wick Offers a Safer Alternative for Smokers

Sespe Creek Collective proudly carries Humboldt Wick, a 100% organic alternative to butane, matches, and naptha-based (Zippo) lighters, all of which carry their own health risks.

Medical research has found that butane exhaust inhalation can cause drowsiness (narcosis), asphyxia, cardiac arrhrythmia, and even dull the senses of smell and taste.

Humboldt Wick is all-natural hemp-based twine coated with beeswax, which burns so clean it’s approved by the American Lung Association. Recent studies have shown that moderate marijuana usage is not harmful to the lungs, so by adding the health benefits of cleaner-burning ignition soruces you have the comfort of knowing that you’re not adding anything harmful to your meds. Ask for a free sample with your next order!

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