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The Family Tree of OG

The Family Tree of OG

OG Kush is a legendary strain whose origins are bit mysterious. The most likely theory states that sometime in 1993, a guy who had original Chemdawg got together with a guy who had a Lemon Thai x Paki Kush male he called the “secret ingredient”, and the brilliantly balanced hybrid OG Kush was born. It became wildly popular by 1995, and remains a staple in California dispensaries.

Growers have worked with this strain extensively over the past twenty years, creating an amazing variety of phenotypes and hybrids. Phenotypes have the same genetics, but differ in the expression of the genetic instructions, which are influenced by environmental and developmental conditions. The fantastic variety of phenotypes shows the versatility of the OG genotype, which gives growers so much to work with.

The following graphic shows the OG phenotypes and hybrids we have in stock right now, as they relate to each other (unconnected circles are phenotypes, connected circles show hybrids).  Making this graphic was pretty fascinating, and it led to the making of the second, expanded graphic (desktop wallpaper size, if you’re interested) showing past OGs we’ve had as well.

Our goal is to keep our menu stocked with something appealing in every category at every price point, and OG Kush in its many forms is a big part of that variety.

Current OGs
Extended Family Tree of OG



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