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5 Reasons Our Community Loves Sespe Creek Collective

5 Reasons Our Community Loves Sespe Creek Collective

We are so grateful to our community for voting us Best Cannabis Dispensary for the third year in a row and Best CBD Retailer for the second year in a row as part of the Ojai Valley News Best of Ojai 2020! Below are five reasons our customers rely on us and keep coming back for more:

1. Our Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

For some people, shopping in a dispensary can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Sespe takes pride in hiring people who are passionate about the plant and who want to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Staff are trained to listen intently and discern what the unique needs are of each and every customer and offer consultations and product recommendations that will best meet those needs. We love that such a diverse range of people feel safe and confident shopping at Sespe.

2. Multiple Ways to Shop

Since the very beginning of the pandemic when we were deemed an essential business, we pivoted to offer more same-day delivery options throughout Ventura County and Santa Barbara. We continue to offer online pick up orders for the fastest service!

3. So. Many. Options.

We have the largest array of products in the area offering over one thousand different products from sublinguals, to flower, wax, edibles, vape products, smoking accessories, and more. Whatever you or the cannabis lover in your life is looking for, we’re confident you’ll find it. And we work hard to offer something for every budget. You can always find great deals and promotions on our website, updated daily.

4. You Won’t Feel Like You’re in A Sketchy Dispensary

We worked hard to design an environment that felt right at home in Ojai. From our Pink Moment Mural to our reclaimed valley oak countertops, we wanted our shop to feel more like a boutique than a cookie-cutter weed shop. A place you wouldn’t feel strange bringing your parents to!

5. We Give Back to the Community

We know that not everyone has access to medicine during this time, so we offer special discounts and programs to support those most in need. Veterans receive a 15% and seniors a 5% discount on regular priced menu items. Those who have an extreme financial hardship and medical need can learn more and apply for our Compassionate Care Program which provides deeply discounted and, in some instances, free products for those who qualify. We also support our community through charitable contributions to various organizations and advocacy groups.

What is your favorite thing about shopping at Sespe Creek? Leave us a note below!

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