Before placing an order online, learn about our delivery policies, taxes, order minimums, and fees:

Step 1. Delivery Zones, Fees & Minimums

Find your delivery zone, order minimum & fee on the table below.

ZoneLocationOrder MinimumDelivery Fee
1Ojai City, Oak View, Meiners Oaks, Casitas Springs$50$5
2Upper Ojai
3Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Montecito, La Conchita, Summerland$50$10
4Camarillo, Santa Paula, Somis$50$10

Step 2. Taxes

Each city or jurisdiction has its own tax requirements; we will make sure that the correct tax is applied, but for transparency and clarity here are the taxes taxes you can expect to be applied to your order.

LocationSales Tax RateAdult-Use Cannabis Tax
Oak View7.25%0%
Meiners Oaks7.25%0%
Casitas Springs7.25%0%
Santa Paula8.25%0%
Santa Barbara8.75%0%
La Conchita7.25%0%
Moorpark 7.25%0%

Step 3. Delivery Times

Now that you know what delivery zone you are in, use the tables below to see what delivery window your order will be in, based on the day of the week. Note the order cutoff time to get your delivery the same day:

M/T/Th/F/Sat Delivery Windows
ZoneOrder CutoffDelivery Window
Wednesday Delivery Windows
ZoneOrder CutoffDelivery Window
39:30a10:30a – 1p
2,4 9:30a2:30p – 4:30p
Sunday Delivery Windows
ZoneOrder ByDelivery Window
110:30a11a – 12p
310:30a1p – 4p

Step 4: Place an order! 

Note: All new delivery members must order online for their first order. If you’ve already been to our shop we have your info on file. Simply add items to your cart and click the check out button. You’ll be prompted to create an account. For adult use orders you are required to upload a photo of your valid ID; medical patients are required to upload a copy of your ID and Doctors Recommendation.