The Future of Concentrates

BHO, which stands for Butane Hash Oil, has been a controversial topic in the news. While it is certainly possible to use butane responsibly to produce a safe and solvent-free extract, that's not always what happens -- and at this point, the responsible thing for us to do is to phase out concentrates that are extracted with butane. By doing this, we're embracing the changes we hope to see in the future as laws are rewritten and regulations put in place. It's not the butane that's the main problem here, it's the people misusing it, and the damage those people do. As cannabis professionals, it is important to set a positive example and demonstrate that concentrates are a safe and effective form of medicine. If we don't get out in front of this, we risk letting media hysteria over exploding BHO labs drive the discussion on the future of medical marijuana concentrates, and that would be a disservice to the patients whose pain and symptoms only respond to medicine of this strength.

Fortunately, we're in the midst of a kind of cannabis renaissance, and the available alternatives are absolutely fantastic.

Today we're introducing two new, clear, CO2-extracted concentrates. These are extracted with carbon dioxide and then fortified with strain-specific terpenes to give the benefit of whole-plant cannabis in a highly purified form, which we know is more effective than isolated cannabinoids. Just like eating a piece of whole fruit is better for you than taking a vitamin pill, using the whole cannabis plant is far more effective than any one single component. Terpenoids are quite potent, and affect animal and even human behavior when inhaled from ambient air at serum levels in the single digits nanograms/ml. They display unique therapeutic effects that contribute to the entourage effects of cannabis-based medicinal extracts.

Our two new concentrates are Tangerine Dream & Blue Dream,  beautifully produced CO2 filtered extract that is one of the purest forms of THC available.  Unlike other extracts, like wax and shatter, these extracts leave only the THC and flavorful terpenes in place, giving it a translucent look and providing an incredible flavor for the patient.

Blue Dream

THC: 80.72% | CBD: 3.02% | CBG: 1.63%

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Tangerine Dream

THC: 80.72% | CBD: 3.02% | CBG: 1.63%

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In our excitement over the new technology available to us, let's not forget that we have a fresh batch of the SFV OG bubble hash. Bubble hash is extracted with water and hard work, so you'll never run into solvent residue there! This batch, our grower tells us, was his best ever -- and the test results prove that out -- 48.75% THC!

Saluting an Old Friend

bluemauisourceWe just realized that we’ve had Blue Maui (the strain formerly known as Elvis) on the menu for almost two years! Remembering how excited we were to discover this strain, and now it almost feels like we take our dear friend for granted. He’s always there for us, reliable and consistent, month in, month out, and it’s time to show our buddy some love. We’re doing that this weekend by lowering the donation to $15/gram, $45/eighth (the discounts go all the way to the ounce price, which will be $300 — but it’s this weekend only!).

Blue Maui is fantastic against depression, and gives great relief from stress and pain while remaining upbeat and energetic. The donation goes back to the regular amount on Monday, so now’s the time to stock up!

Blue Maui

Five Strains under $200/oz (and one honorable mention)

It's a great time for bargain-hunters, with FIVE strains currently priced at or under the $200/oz mark, and one at $205 -- and this isn't counting the two different types of shake (House, and Blue Maui) we have! We've even included two wallpaper-sized pictures for your enjoyment.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies
$200/oz | 13.0% THC | 60/40 Sativa Dominant | Delicious!

Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue
$150/oz | 8.75% THC | 60/40 Indica Dominant | Light and energizing!

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie
$200/oz | 8.33% THC | 60/40 Indica Dominant

Blackberry Outdoor **

Blackberry Outdoor
**EDIT: ounces no longer available. | 16.53% THC | 70/30 Indica | POTENT!

Blue Maui Popcorn

Blue Maui Popcorn
$160/oz | 17.16% THC | 80/20 Sativa | Untrimmed, top-shelf potency

Larry OG

Larry OG
(honorable mention) $205/oz (so close!) | 13.04% THC | 70/30 Sativa | Sativa without anxiety!

It’s Raining Concentrates!


01/14/2014: We are offering, for a limited time only, $5 off on any concentrate on our menu. Use code FB420 (either tell the operator on the phone, or type the code into the comments box with your online order).

In the past two days we’ve added a whopping NINE brand new concentrates to our menu. We’re excited about each and every one of these masterfully prepared medicines, and we hope you are too! There are crumbles for the dabbers and hashes for those not quite ready for the whole ‘dab’ thing yet, and a brand new ‘taffy’ made from our CBD-rich Sour Tsunami flowers.

Also, you may have noticed our categories have changed a bit. We understand that high CBD medicines are not that easy to find, so we decided to make separate categories: one for CBD-rich flowers and another for other forms.

Blue Maui (or, the strain formerly known as Elvis) — and more!

First, Happy New Year! Holiday hours are: closing early today at 4:20, and closed tomorrow, New Year’s Day. And now for the fun stuff!

We wanted to share this absolutely glowing review of our exclusive Blue Maui (aka Elvis) from 420Times:

Getting into these buds, you can see the beautiful frostiness of the blue dream genetics; you will also notice the bright orange and light greens. There are clear distinctions of both strains coming through by sight, smell and taste. The flavor is truly amazing; it is a full-bodied, smooth smoke with the sweet taste of tropical fruits, pineapple, and hints of blueberry. I also sense a pine note in there as well. Blue Maui is definitely the best of both families, creating the perfect sativa lover’s dream! The result is a very creative, inspiring, productive, and motivating effect.

View the whole review here, or just click the magazine image to the right →

Blue Maui

And these three gorgeous, “For The People” strains are here to help ease holiday stress for you and your budget — click any of the images to view in full size, and download (they are desktop wallpaper size!).

Scam Alert!

WARNINGOne of our patients received a phone call recently from someone claiming to be a DEA agent. They told her that she’d ordered prescription drugs over the internet and had violated federal law, and attempted to get her to pay a “fine” to avoid being arrested. Luckily, she had the presence of mind to get ahold of an attorney right away, and found out it was a scam. Imagine how frightening such a phone call must be! The scammers recently called a local reporter’s wife, who was terrified.

In any case, this is a widespread scam, happening all over the country. The DEA has even set up a page on their website to report any suspicious phone calls.  Keep in mind that actual Federal authorities are NEVER going to call you asking you to wire transfer money (or give them credit card information) to avoid being arrested. That’s not how it works!

The scammers sometimes have personal information on the victims, such as previous addresses and old credit card numbers. This may be related to purchasing legal prescription meds from online pharmacies — the patient who was called said that she had ordered medication online about five years ago, and this seems to be a common thread in the stories I’ve read about this today.  Considering that these criminals do often have personal information about their intended victims, it can be very scary, but stay calm and remember that the DEA doesn’t phone up people asking them to send money — it just doesn’t happen.

As the patient who reported this to us observed, “it’s an evil world out there.” Stay safe!



Medical Marijuana’s Momentum

Momentum seems to be on the side of medical marijuana recently.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department announced that the federal government would stop focusing on prosecuting marijuana in states that have legalized its use August 29. The memo impacts the Nineteen states and the District of Columbia that have medical marijuana laws, as well as Colorado and Washington which legalized recreational use. The Justice Department will be working with the states to create regulations that reduce violations in eight areas such as preventing kids from obtaining marijuana and stopping drugged driving.

The new direction from the Justice Department will also allow banks to work with marijuana businesses that operate within the regulations determined by the state and federal governments.

The announcement came on the heels of an apology from former Surgeon General candidate Dr. Sanjay Gupta. ( At the beginning of August Gupta admitted that he was wrong to deny the medical benefits of marijuana. Gupta said he no longer believes marijuana has a high risk of abuse or should be regulated as a schedule one drug. He even released a documentary on the issue. (Watch it here

More recently Arizona Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain appears to be leaning towards legalization. McCain told a crowd at a town hall event in Phoenix, “Maybe we should legalize. We’re certainly moving that way as far as marijuana is concerned. I respect the will of the people.” This appears to be a new direction for the senator, but echoes his daughter Meghan McCain, who supports legalization.

All of this is hopefully leading towards the legalization of medical marijuana. With that in mind Senator Patrick Leahy held a Senate hearing September 10 to focus on federal marijuana policy and how it affects state laws. Leahy is a former prosecutor and current chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. King County, Wash., Sheriff John Urquhart said his department welcomed the new direction from the Justice Department during the hearing. Urquhart and Jack Finlaw, chief legal counsel to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper both told the legislators that they look forward to working with the federal government and support the governments eight guidelines for regulation.

Locally there will be a medical marijuana rally at the Ventura City Hall September 16. The city is considering legislation to outlaw medical marijuana dispensaries. Please come support medical marijuana in your city and county.

Studying CBDs

While laboratory-based research is uncovering fascinating information about CBD, physicians want to know what patients are experiencing. Are the effects of CBD-rich cannabis and high-THC cannabis noticeably different?  If so, how? Patients, collectively, can provide the answers.

Our friends at Project CBD have asked for our (and your) help — and it’ll only take 10 or 15 minutes of your time.  If you’ve used any of our CBD-dominant strains (Canna-Tsunami, Hash Tsunami, or Sour Tsunami, you are in possession of incredibly valuable data about your experiences with CBDs, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians has put together a survey which they tell us is fairly straightforward and easy to complete.

This survey requires that you have used a lab-analyzed strain, and we have submitted our test results to them. You’ll need one of these codes to complete the survey:


  • Canna Tsunami (sampling 028):  SESPE-CT
  • Hash Tsunami (sampling 031): SESPE-HT
  • Sour Tsunami (sampling 030): SESPE-ST


Cannabis research is a challenging field, with so many legal and bureaucratic barriers put in place by prohibition — but this is a way that you, the patients, can communicate directly with the physicians who prescribe medical cannabis, and help them to understand this amazing medicine.


Vaporizing with an e-cig (Tincture Tank)

A few months ago, we had the chance to try out some e-cigarette type vaporizers with a medicated glycerine-based tincture in them. This intriguing method is significantly easier on the lungs than vaporizers that work by heating the plant matter to just under its combustion temperature, which can still be quite irritating to very sensitive lungs.

As someone who physically cannot smoke or vape, I find that the e-cigarette is a pleasant and effective way of medicating throughout the day, and it has very little impact on my breathing. The only real challenge was figuring out what sort of e-cigarettes worked, what sort of liquid was needed, and how to get the liquid into the e-cig. There is an intimidating array of options out there, but after a bit of trial and error, I’ve found what I think to be the best combination for medicating with cannabis.

Option 1: “Cartomizer” type e-cigs
While it may be possible to make these work for a cannabis-based liquid, I cannot recommend it. This was the first thing I tried, after buying a “kit” at a local store, consisting of a battery, a charger, and two cartridges that were already filled with regular cigarette juice. I washed the little filters and tried my best to get it to work, but it was just not good. I even bought blank cartridges and filled them myself, still was not a workable solution. Glycerine tinctures (which I prefer, they are the mildest and least likely to irritate) are thick, and thick liquids don’t work too well with that kind of wick.

Basic e-cigFrankentoke
Option 2: Cartridge + Atomizer
The second attempt was more successful: using an easily-fillable plastic cartridge that doesn’t use any kind of wick, and an atomizer which the cartridge just snaps into. Since all the parts I’d chosen had the same connector, everything fit, and this odd-looking contraption (affectionately dubbed “Frankentoke”) worked fairly well. This could also be used with the larger battery, but these tanks aren’t really the ideal solution — they are technically refillable, but the plug is quite fragile, and if they leak too much you’ll ruin your battery. The search continued!

Tanks and BatterySuccess!
Option 3: Clearomizer / Tincture Tank
Next, I got a very affordable “kit” that consisted of a battery and a CE5 tank. Pictured above, you see two different kinds of tank, the CE5 “Clearomizer” which holds 1.6ml of liquid, and a slightly larger tank that holds up to 3ml and has a different sort of wick. The CE5 has been the best of all the tank types I’ve tried, the wicks are ideally suited to very thick liquids and you can see exactly how much you have left.

The good news is that this combination is surprisingly affordable — I got mine from a small company that is based in Southern California. They don’t have much of a selection, but that may actually be a plus, since the array of options available can be quite intimidating at some sites. They have CE5-based kits at $30, which is all you’ll need to get started vaping a glycerine-based tincture, with the exception of the actual tincture.

Now, there are many more advanced vaporizer options, including ones that will also work for dried flowers and concentrates — we’ll cover this in a future post.

If there’s enough interest, we have the capability to offer glycerin-based tinctures — so if you have (or are considering getting) an e-cigarette setup like this, please leave us a comment and we’ll get some of those on the menu!

Memorial Day Jars for Veterans, and More New Strains!

As we head into the holiday weekend, we honor the Veterans who are still with us with a bonus jar (ask when you order, Veterans’ ID required), and all of our thanks and gratitude.


  • Herojuana OG is an Indica dominant hybrid that hits very quickly in the head, which can lead to euphoric giggles, and then melt into a body numbing, fuzzy high that’s long lasting and can lead to an easy nap.
  • Sweet Relief tinctures now available in two High CBD/Low THC formulas. Look forward to an Indica formula in the coming days!
  • Train Wreck – a classic flower! Complex with slightly sweet n’ sour aroma greets us when opening up the container. Flowers have a good density to them, but not overly hard. A slight squeeze will bring forth delicious hidden terpenes, including pepper and citrus. This strain hits quickly and has a noticeable attitude adjuster in its head change, strong sativa medicine. Effects are great for daytime, and wear off well, without leaving you drowsy.
  • Sour Tsunami – This harvest delivers on its sticky, medicine-packed promise. The aroma is wonderfully sweet, a little reminiscent of Jack Herer. Nugs are large and dense and literally sparkling with trichomes. We found the smoke to be smooth and sweet, a nice bowl of medicine that delivers a clear head and relaxed body.
  • Super Sour OG A new flower, and true hybrid! The OG parentage definitely comes through with a fresh earthy organic perfume and a touch that light neroli flavor, like fresh squeezed lemon juice over a bowl of berries. These flowers truely bring the smell and smoke taste of a summer backyard bar-b-que with your closest friends. Each of these fluffy full buds have a rosiness of pink in all those pretty sunset orange hairs. Softly dusted in sparkly (soon to be/almost/would be kief-y goodness) trichromes each tiny leaflet is worth a second glance. The effect starts in the head, before settling down to the body.
  • LA GOO is skunky, POTENT, and an exceptional bargain! A cross between two potent indicas known for relaxation… expect heavy couch lock from this strain, with pain relief throughout the body. The smell and taste are strongly Afgoo, a strong musky smell that instantly distinguishes it from other strains and carries through in the taste.