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Studying CBDs

While laboratory-based research is uncovering fascinating information about CBD, physicians want to know what patients are experiencing. Are the effects of CBD-rich cannabis and high-THC cannabis noticeably different?  If so, how? Patients, collectively, can provide the answers.

Our friends at Project CBD have asked for our (and your) help — and it’ll only take 10 or 15 minutes of your time.  If you’ve used any of our CBD-dominant strains (Canna-Tsunami, Hash Tsunami, or Sour Tsunami, you are in possession of incredibly valuable data about your experiences with CBDs, and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians has put together a survey which they tell us is fairly straightforward and easy to complete.

This survey requires that you have used a lab-analyzed strain, and we have submitted our test results to them. You’ll need one of these codes to complete the survey:


  • Canna Tsunami (sampling 028):  SESPE-CT
  • Hash Tsunami (sampling 031): SESPE-HT
  • Sour Tsunami (sampling 030): SESPE-ST


Cannabis research is a challenging field, with so many legal and bureaucratic barriers put in place by prohibition — but this is a way that you, the patients, can communicate directly with the physicians who prescribe medical cannabis, and help them to understand this amazing medicine.


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