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Sespe Spotlight: Artist Tobie Roach

Greetings Sespe Community, happy spring! Have you visited our Ojai storefront lately? Our dispensary will look like the spring season year-round thanks to new artwork by long-time Ventura artist Tobie Roach. Our front desk staff are now framed by a gorgeous representation of a budding cannabis sativa plant. As customers check in, they’ll also notice a painting of a THC molecule upon a background that almost appears to be tie-died. I had the opportunity to chat with Tobie about her process as she wrapped up 46 hours of painting. Both pieces began as watercolors, she said (check out her original designs below). Tobie faced the challenge of translating the two small water color samples she created into large, acrylic murals — something she was happy to undertake. “I usually paint […]

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