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No deliveries 4/20-4/21           Prices shown include all taxes

Deep End Farms

Deep End Farms is a champion of responsible agriculture by going above and beyond what’s required by organic standards and by considering nature in everything they do. They care deeply about being in the vanguard of truly sustainable agriculture and hope to have a positive impact on generations to come.

Their goal is to bring a taste and experience that evokes clean farming practices. Deep End Farms takes what nature has created and guides it caring hands and a heartfelt vision. They believe you’ll feel this when you try their flavorful flower and pre-rolls.

The increased awareness and popularity of organic agriculture and the need for the cannabis industry to adopt standards and certifications to ensure claims are being lived up to is the reason Deep End Farms has aligned its values around Cleangreen.

Sespe Creek Collective is happy to share we’re now carrying several strains from this eco-conscious grower.

  • GG#9 — Is an aromatic earthy dark chocolate nose with a dank dash of lemon pepper zest. This heavy-hitting Glue hybrid deeply relaxes the body and takes the mind to a hazy yet active headspace. With the capability to glue one to their chair, this high gravity herb is conducive to putting on comfy pants to Netflix and Chill. Definitely a lazy day luxury.
  • Cookie Glue — This is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Girl Scout Cookies with the infamous Gorilla Glue #4. If you’re looking for a mind-numbing full-bodied smoke that will leave you dazed and utterly relaxed, you’ve found it with Cookie Glue! The high comes on slowly at first with a lightly building sense of euphoria that leaves you happy and completely at ease. As this blissful effect grows, a sense of calm will suddenly wash over your body, calming any aches or pains instantly. This effect will quickly become tingly before dropping you into a state of completely numb relaxation that soon spreads to your mind as well.
  • Sherbert Glue — This is a floral sweet candied fruit and bread nose redolent of the rich Italian Christmas bread Panettone. This indica-dominant hybrid is a solid happy hour herb that helps to kick back, relax, and let go of the daily stressors. It prompts a sigh of relief upon exhale that eases the mind, body, and soul. The deep muscle relaxing qualities compliments downbeat activities providing meditative zen.
  • AV Purple Chem Dawg — A piquant sour and sweet grapefruit scent that tickles the nose. This kind herb is a well balanced, body relaxing, yet mentally energizing hybrid. This dynamic strain kindles an even-keeled bliss that provides individuals flexibility for the flight path of the experience whether transitioning to wind down or turn up. This twist on a cult classic legacy varietal crossed with proprietary climatized genetics provides a novel, robust, full-flavored flower.
  • Animal Face — The unique terpene profile presents a piney gas forward OG coupled with a hint of mint cookies. This sativa-dominant hybrid draws a rush of gleeful euphoria that warms and comfortably numbs the mind and body. A little can go a long way with this high gravity herb. Zen out, find your equilibrium and set on a higher path with this meditative flower.

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