Vape Pen cartridge air bubble fix.

A few people have had an issue with the pre-filled clear co2 cartridges where a small air bubble develops around the wick at the base of the cartridge. This prevents the wick from absorbing any more oil and makes it difficult to get a proper medicated drag. Luckily there’s an easy fix. Remove the mouthpiece of the cartridge, if it’s metal then it’s likely a twist off (it might be a bit stuck, but it will come off). If it’s plastic, it’s likely a snap off mouthpiece. Beneath that there’s a little blue rubber stopper that seals in the oil. Remove and replace that piece several times. Every time you replace it, the seal will force air pressure on the oil, pushing it down onto the wick. Replace the mouthpiece and you’re all set.

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  1. Thank you for this video! I did not expect to find such an easy fix for the bubble I have in my cartridge — I’m going to try it right now. Woot!

  2. My cartridge does not have that rubber stopper, I suppose it’s a different brand. Is there another texhnique you know of?

    • Daniel, Without knowing what the cartridge has in place of the rubber stopper, it would be hard to recommend a technique. Getting the cartridge warm enough for the oil to flow is probably your best option though. Placing it between your palms and rolling back and forth, or perhaps placing it in a SEALED plastic baggie and then floating the baggie in very warm water would be two ways of doing that.

  3. I had that problem with a krush cartridge and I read that if you have a blow dryer put it on low warm air and hit your cartridge for about 30 seconds, I couldn’t find one so I just hit it with a blow torch for a few seconds and it worked perfectly

    • While we can’t recommend that due to the clear part of the cartridge being plastic, I have a friend who does the same thing with a torch lighter, just waves it near the cartridge, and it works for him. BE CAREFUL though.

      Edit: as I just mentioned to another commenter, you could try placing the cartridge in a SEALED plastic baggie and then floating the baggie in very warm water. That way you’re not risking damage to the cartridge which could happen with a torch.

  4. I know this dude that is full retard that jacked 2 carts in a row up by 4.8 volts. This video might help him. Well, with his cart. Not his tardedness.

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