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Taxes and Limits (Medical vs. Adult Use)

Please note that there are different daily purchase limits for recreational and medical cannabis (scroll down for details) and different taxes for in-store and delivery orders (check our delivery page for details). If you have a state-issued MMIC, the sales and use tax is waived.

Cannabis Taxes & Limits, Ojai 2020

State Issued MMIC Doctor’s Rec Adult Over 21
Tax Rates
State Excise Tax: 15.0%
State Sales Tax: Waived                                                                  7.25%
Daily Purchase Limits
Flowers: 8 ounces 1 ounce
Concentrates: Up to Dr’s recommendation 8 grams
Clones: 12 6
Package Limits
Tinctures, Capsules, Topicals: 2000mg THC/pkg 1000mg THC/pkg
Sublinguals: 10mg THC/serving, 500mg THC/pkg 10mg THC/serving, 100mg THC/pkg
Edibles: 10mg THC/serving, 100mg THC/pkg
Plants allowed: Up to Dr’s recommendation, per patient 6 plants per parcel
Parental Rights
Protection: Court cannot restrict or rescind custody solely based on having a recommendation. none
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