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Extra Strength Tincture Cbd 500mg/thc 50mg

Extra Strength Tincture Cbd 500mg/thc 50mg

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The 10:1 Extra Strength CBD:THC Tincture delivers a powerful blend for increased support in joint mobility and normal brain function, tested for quality and safety in California state-certified laboratories.

THC 50mg

CBD 500mg


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The 10:1 Extra Strength CBD:THC Tincture offers a robust formulation specifically crafted for those in need of enhanced support. With a commitment to quality, this blend supports joint mobility, normal brain function, and assists in maintaining normal gastrointestinal health. Doctor-formulated and made with premium ingredients, the tincture comes with the assurance of state-certified laboratory testing, complying with California’s rigorous cannabis testing regulations. If you’re exploring cannabis for the first time, consider the award-winning 20:1 tincture.




Since 2015, VetCBD has been steadfast in its commitment to helping all lives flourish. The company was founded by cannabis industry pioneer Dr. Tim Shu, and together with the VetCBD team, they are dedicated to advancing education, research, and advocacy surrounding the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis.
Every VetCBD product is doctor-formulated, trialed, and approved by medical cannabis expert Dr. Tim Shu. This not only assures a high level of expertise in product development but also reflects a passion for providing effective and reliable solutions for various health needs.
VetCBD stands out by offering free support from a team of medical professionals with over 40 years of combined experience. They are readily available to provide guidance, ensuring that users are confident and informed in their choices and usage of VetCBD products.
Quality is paramount at VetCBD. Only premium ingredients are used, including CBD-rich cannabis extract and organic extra virgin olive oil. To guarantee potency, safety, and quality, each batch is triple-tested by third-party labs. This rigorous process attests to VetCBD's unwavering commitment to excellence.
VetCBD also prioritizes user-friendly administration of its products. Their tinctures come with a top-of-the-line plastic syringe that enables safe and accurate dosing. This careful attention to detail is indicative of the company’s overall approach, reinforcing VetCBD's status as a trusted and preferred provider in the field of medical cannabis.


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Extra Strength Tincture Cbd 500mg/thc 50mg

Availability: 14 in stock

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