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Maui Wowie Terps

Maui Wowie Terps

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TONIK™ presents Maui Wowie Terps, a refreshing beverage experience that brings together authentic terpenes and strain-specific flavors, offering a unique way to enjoy the soothing effects of cannabis through a tantalizing drink.

THC 100mg



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There’s something about the aroma of cannabis that soothes the mind and body. TONIK™ Terps are the perfect blend of actual terpenes from different strains of cannabis married with flavor profiles that target the actual strains them­selves. These unique beverages allow people to experience different strains of cannabis in bev­erage form/ and integrate the true effects of the strain by delivering the perfect amount of stain-specific terpenes in every can.

About TONIK:
TONIK’s cutting edge nano-infusion technology allows for industry-leading onset times that pack a punch. Our products can be consumed on their own or mixed with other beverages to create new unique blends. When it comes down to it, TONIK has one mission, to improve the lives of its users.




TONIK is at the forefront of innovation with its cutting-edge nano-infusion technology, leading the industry with rapid onset times that truly make an impact. This innovative approach enables the products to be consumed independently or mixed with other beverages, creating unique and exciting blends.
At the core of TONIK's vision is a single, focused mission: to improve the lives of its users. Through its pioneering technology and commitment to quality, TONIK strives to provide an enhanced experience that resonates with those seeking something beyond the ordinary.


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Maui Wowie Terps

Availability: 4 in stock

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