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Torch is a brand that originated from Los Angeles, symbolizing the adventurous and fun lifestyle represented within the cannabis community. With a focus on convenience, affordability, and enjoyment, Torch offers a wide variety of products that are designed to meet the needs of users anywhere and at any time.
The founders of Torch were always fascinated with the cannabis industry and dreamed of operating a cannabis business from a young age. However, as they began working in the field, the initial fascination and excitement faded. They found the industry cluttered with large corporations and monotonous brands marketing to specific demographics. Despite the artistry and designs, they felt disconnected from the brands, all of which seemed to lack one vital element: fun.
The realization came after a content creation session. The missing ingredient was right in front of them all along. They realized that the industry was lacking in the element of fun, which they believed should be at the core of cannabis enjoyment. The founders wanted to create a brand that embodied this emotion, reflecting the lively and enjoyable memories associated with the plant, whether it’s vibing at a concert, laughing at inside jokes with friends, or bonding over ridiculous stories.
Torch is built on these principles. It’s a brand that emphasizes convenience, affordability, and above all, fun. It seeks to reconnect users with the true essence of cannabis enjoyment, offering a unique experience that stands apart from the conventional, often sterile brands in the market.
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