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Pear Cooler 25mg

Pear Cooler 25mg

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Pear Cooler 25mg by Bodega is a lightly sparkling beverage with a blend of pear, tarragon, lime, and honey, offering a refreshing and elevated twist on the classic cooler.

THC 25mg



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Pear Cooler 25mg is a part of Bodega’s collection of lightly sparkling, fruit-forward beverages, offering a modern take on the traditional cooler style drink. Created with all-natural ingredients, the Pear Cooler provides an invigorating and juicy blend of pear, tarragon, lime, and honey. It’s a refreshing option for those seeking an elevated twist on a nostalgic beverage, capturing the essence of a cult classic with a contemporary flair.




Bodegas are known as lightly sparkling, fruit-forward beverages that offer a refreshing taste. Crafted with all natural ingredients, Bodega coolers are an upscale twist on the California cult classic cooler style beverage, delivering a modern and unique drinking experience.


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