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We Have Our California State Temp License!

We Have Our California State Temp License!

PICTURED: Lori Ajax, California’s Chief of Cannabis Regulation

We’re thrilled to have received our state temp license on January 2nd, so that our operations are not interrupted and we remain open and in support of your well being. We are also being vigilant that our vendors are compliant as well. The following article and several other related stories from Leafly are a great resource for you to learn more about this.

ANAHEIM—With the launch of California’s adult-use cannabis market just 101 days away, regulators will introduce a temporary licensing program aimed at ensuring a smooth start to regulated sales, the state’s top cannabis official announced on Thursday.

Lori Ajax, chief of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, unveiled the temporary licensing program in a keynote address at the California Cannabis Business Conference, an industry event being held this week in Anaheim. State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones also spoke about the ongoing effort to expand insurance coverage for cannabis businesses, specifically among major commercial providers.

With state-regulated sales set to begin on Jan. 1, there’s still considerable work to be done to implement new state laws around both medical and adult-use cannabis. The temporary licensing program is meant to bridge a gap until other rules and regulations are made final.

“It’s of course a huge challenge, it’s intense,” Ajax said at a Q&A with reporters, “but we will be issuing licenses on Jan. 1, 2018.”


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