Ventura is working on a cannabis delivery ordinance!

Sespe Creek Employee Ally shared her story with the Ventura City Council March 4. Go Ally!

The Ventura City Council appears poised to approve an ordinance regulating cannabis deliveries… at some point.

The Council voted unanimously Monday, March 4 directing Ventura city staff to draft guidelines governing legal cannabis deliveries in the city from licensed dispensaries like Sespe Creek.

This is not a first. Back in November of 2017, the Council approved an ordinance that would allow for medical cannabis deliveries from licensed Ventura County vendors. Less than a month later, the Thomas Fire consumed more than a thousand local buildings — half of which were in the city of Ventura.

Cannabis regulation-writing understandably did not move forward, and due to changes in state cannabis regulations since 2017, the Council has found itself in need of a new ordinance.

One of our own employees, Ally, came to the meeting wielding a petition signed by more than 100 residents who asked the Council to allow safe, legal cannabis deliveries in the city.

As she delivered her petition, Ally shared her story. She began using Sespe Creek’s products in 2013, while she was struggling with intractable depression and post-traumatic stress.

“They saved my life, she said.

The Council also discussed the potential for licensed cannabis businesses in Ventura, and a potential excise tax on cannabis sales — those items will come back to the body for a longer discussion after the delivery ordinance is finalized.

The meeting also provided new insight into some council members’ thoughts on cannabis. Councilwoman Christy Weir signaled that she would support the City of Ventura joining a League of California Cities lawsuit that challenges the legality of state cannabis delivery regulations. The League argues that the current regulations don’t allow cities “local control” of cannabis business.

Though the Council ultimately  directed staff to draft regulatory language, they did not put a timeline on the creation of an ordinance.

“Delivery of cannabis in our community is going on all the time,” Ventura Police Chief Ken Corney acknowledged. A visit to WeedMaps will confirm his statement. It’s our sincere hope that the Council will quickly approve a delivery ordinance to ensure access to safe, legal cannabis. We’ll keep you posted! Have questions? Talk to us in the comments 🙂

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