Vaporizing with an e-cig (Tincture Tank)

A few months ago, we had the chance to try out some e-cigarette type vaporizers with a medicated glycerine-based tincture in them. This intriguing method is significantly easier on the lungs than vaporizers that work by heating the plant matter to just under its combustion temperature, which can still be quite irritating to very sensitive lungs.

As someone who physically cannot smoke or vape, I find that the e-cigarette is a pleasant and effective way of medicating throughout the day, and it has very little impact on my breathing. The only real challenge was figuring out what sort of e-cigarettes worked, what sort of liquid was needed, and how to get the liquid into the e-cig. There is an intimidating array of options out there, but after a bit of trial and error, I’ve found what I think to be the best combination for medicating with cannabis.

Option 1: “Cartomizer” type e-cigs
While it may be possible to make these work for a cannabis-based liquid, I cannot recommend it. This was the first thing I tried, after buying a “kit” at a local store, consisting of a battery, a charger, and two cartridges that were already filled with regular cigarette juice. I washed the little filters and tried my best to get it to work, but it was just not good. I even bought blank cartridges and filled them myself, still was not a workable solution. Glycerine tinctures (which I prefer, they are the mildest and least likely to irritate) are thick, and thick liquids don’t work too well with that kind of wick.

Basic e-cigFrankentoke
Option 2: Cartridge + Atomizer
The second attempt was more successful: using an easily-fillable plastic cartridge that doesn’t use any kind of wick, and an atomizer which the cartridge just snaps into. Since all the parts I’d chosen had the same connector, everything fit, and this odd-looking contraption (affectionately dubbed “Frankentoke”) worked fairly well. This could also be used with the larger battery, but these tanks aren’t really the ideal solution — they are technically refillable, but the plug is quite fragile, and if they leak too much you’ll ruin your battery. The search continued!

Tanks and BatterySuccess!
Option 3: Clearomizer / Tincture Tank
Next, I got a very affordable “kit” that consisted of a battery and a CE5 tank. Pictured above, you see two different kinds of tank, the CE5 “Clearomizer” which holds 1.6ml of liquid, and a slightly larger tank that holds up to 3ml and has a different sort of wick. The CE5 has been the best of all the tank types I’ve tried, the wicks are ideally suited to very thick liquids and you can see exactly how much you have left.

The good news is that this combination is surprisingly affordable — I got mine from a small company that is based in Southern California. They don’t have much of a selection, but that may actually be a plus, since the array of options available can be quite intimidating at some sites. They have CE5-based kits at $30, which is all you’ll need to get started vaping a glycerine-based tincture, with the exception of the actual tincture.

Now, there are many more advanced vaporizer options, including ones that will also work for dried flowers and concentrates — we’ll cover this in a future post.

If there’s enough interest, we have the capability to offer glycerin-based tinctures — so if you have (or are considering getting) an e-cigarette setup like this, please leave us a comment and we’ll get some of those on the menu!

11 comments on “Vaporizing with an e-cig (Tincture Tank)

  1. I’m consider purchasing an e-cig RIGHT NOW! For dual use, to change/stop my traditional way of smoking yucky cigarettes and for cannabis – with hopes of easing up on my lungs.
    Any help or direction would be appreciated!

  2. I’d hoped that it’d be as easy as adding Honey Oil to the empty cartridge of an e-cig. No?

  3. If you go with the option that I linked to, you can order the nicotine type of liquid from many online sources, even flavored types. So yes, just order a few extra tanks so you won’t mix the cannabis medicine with the nicotine, that would be bad.

    The store that I linked to has extra tanks for about three dollars, and the unit itself (battery, charger, tank) is $30.

  4. Would love to use these with oils and waxes… could these substances be applied to the wicks?

  5. Not with the setup described above. You need a liquid (a free-flowing liquid, with either a glycerine or Propylene Glycol base) to use with wick/tank based units. You’d need another type of attachment that lets you put combustibles in. This is something I’ll address further in the next few days, but for reference, the Atmos RX carries a line of pen-type vaporizers that accomodate tincture tanks as well as combustibles (waxes, kief, even flowers).

  6. I’m just so insanely busy at the moment, but I will definitely get some e-cig liquids on the menu *soon*! I’ve really been enjoying making tinctures of various kinds lately 🙂

  7. What does SCC sell that I can put into my e-cig. Need asap! And no, not interested in dry herb.

  8. We are working on that right now, but have nothing just yet — it’ll be a glycerin or PG-based tincture. I’ll let you know!

  9. Hello! An old thread but do you have anything new PG or glycerin based for the ce5 + ecig combo you mentioned? I am new to ecig world and just stumbled across this great article…

  10. We don’t have any glycerin tinctures at the moment, but we do get them from time to time.

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