Vaping: The Information You Need

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Sespe Community,

We understand that many are concerned about the safety of vaping products following news reports of a vaping-related illness. We want to take a moment to get you up-to-date on the news, as well as assure you that we only work with manufacturers with the highest quality standards. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised that folks who use vaping products, “should not buy these products (e.g., e-cigarette or vaping products with THC, other cannabinoids) off the street, and should not modify or add any substances to these products that are not intended by the manufacturer.”

The State of California offered similar advice: “Cannabis products sold by licensed retailers must comply with strict state testing standards to ensure that they are produced safely, properly packaged and labeled, and have not been tampered with. Do not vape cannabis products purchased from unlicensed retailers.”

Both CDC and the State of California advise people who have purchased vaping products from an unlicensed manufacturer to dispose of them immediately. 

Investigators in New York suspect that a Vitamin E acetate additive to vaping products may be the culprit. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now evaluating the degree to which this additive may contribute to lung illnesses.

“It is important to note that no cannabis vaping products purchased at licensed cannabis businesses have been linked to these illnesses in California,” said a California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) spokesperson. “In fact, (the California Department of Public Health) is currently attributing illnesses in California to untested products purchased from the illicit market”.

Here at Sespe, we only sell vape products from vendors who use 100 percent cannabis — no Vitamin E Acetate, or any additive for that matter. Below, we’ve compiled a list of statements from our vaping suppliers. We’ve provided links to each company’s information page where possible.

We encourage folks who have specific concerns about vaping to stop by Sespe and chat with one of our budtenders. We’ll keep you posted as we get additional information on this issue.

Bloom Farms: “All Bloom Farms cannabis formulations contain only 100% cannabis oil and cannabis-derived terpenes. We don’t add cutting agents (like Vitamin E acetate) or any synthetic agents to our products. In addition, we always test our products to ensure they meet each state’s strict cannabis health and safety standards.”

Cannacraft: (includes AbsoluteXtracts and Care By Design products): “Low-quality cannabis and nicotine vape products can cause health problems due to the inclusion of dangerous additives, pesticides, and thinning agents; some of which degrade into stronger toxins at temperatures that vape pens can reach. While certain additives like vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and propylene glycol (PG) are legal for use in vaping products, they have not been shown to be safe for inhalation, so AbsoluteXtracts and Care By Design do not use — and have never used — them.”

Chemistry: “We never cut or adulterate our products with any non-cannabis derived ingredients. We have too much love and respect for this wonderful plant to mess with Mother Nature’s perfection.” 

Dosist: “All dosist products comply with strict state testing requirements, which includes testing for pesticides, mold, microbiological contaminants, heavy metals, residual solvents, and foreign matter. And in the spirit of full transparency with our consumers, we post our test results online at All dosist formulations contain only distilled cannabis oil (both THC and CBD dominant extracts) and food-grade terpenes derived from all-natural plant material. At no point in the formulation process has dosist ever utilized any cutting agents (like Vitamin E acetate), emulsifiers or any synthetic agents that alter the pure cannabis oil and terpene formulation.”

Eel River Organics: “All Eel River Organics products are rigorously tested by independent, licensed testing facilities for purity, safety, consistency and health standards and contain only cannabis and cannabis derived terpenes. We do not use any additives or fillers in our products. We do not treat our products with cutting agents like Vitamin E or any other synthetic agents.”

Island Cannabis Co.: “Our vape products are designed to give you the purest cannabis experience possible, which is why our formulations contain only distilled cannabis oil and natural, plant-based terpenes. We do not use vitamin E acetate or any other cutting agents such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, medium chain triglyceride or polyethylene glycol in any of our vape products.” 

Jetty Extracts: “Jetty Cannabis vape products are: additive free with no vitamin E, PPG, or other cutting agents; certified lab tested for pesticides, heavy metals, microbial impurities, and other adulterants; tested three times, when our cannabis is first received from the farm and twice more in oil form.” 

Raw Garden: “Our Refined Live Resin ™ is derived from 100 percent single source cannabis terpenes and oil. No additives, no adulterants, and no fillers. None whatsoever. Just 100 percent Pure Cannabis Flower.”

4 comments on “Vaping: The Information You Need

  1. Hey Patrick — Absolute Extracts is a Cannacraft product. Their statement is second on the list. Thanks for asking!

  2. Just wondering if there are potential health hazards from jetty oil for the vape pens? Like cancer warnings or anything normally associated with vaping thats considered unhealthy. Smoking from a pipe with just flower is too hot and seems dangerous for the lungs and throat over time. Im looking for the safest way to be able to enjoy cannabis

  3. All cannabis products are actually required to show the Prop 65 warnings! We disagree with this policy but must follow it nonetheless. If you are concerned about your lungs, then ingestibles might be the best way to go for you!

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