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Vape Pen Troubleshooting

We have a love/hate relationship with vapes. As clean and discreet as they, anytime you are working with manufactured parts and a sticky oily substance, there is a high risk of trouble! Follow our tips below to optimize your vape experience.

General Advice:
• Never leave your vape pen/cartridge in the car! Always store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
• Don’t store your battery with a cartridge attached.
• Extended draws taken in rapid succession can heat the oil enough to force too much into the airflow chamber. We recommend short draws and letting the oil settle and slightly cool between puffs.
• Prime the cartridge: when you first open it, take a large pull to saturate the coil and ensure the metal doesn’t burn when taking future puffs.

Issues with inhaling:

If air doesn’t flow freely or your vape feels clogged: While uncommon, occasionally the wick in a cartridge can become oversaturated, making it a bit difficult to draw from. Try these steps, which often solve the issue:

  1. With the cartridge attached to your battery, bring to mouth at a 45-degree angle for optimal airflow. Take a few strong, extended draws, which usually clear any excess oil from the airflow chamber and allow smooth vaporization.
  2. With the cartridge attached to battery, rub between your palms for 10-20 seconds or until the hardware slightly warms from the heat of your hands.
  3. Separate the cartridge from battery and place the cartridge inside a small zipper baggie. Remove excess air and completely seal the baggie. Run warm water over the sealed baggie for 1-2 minutes. This effectively warms the oil to increase its flow without damaging the cartridge.

Battery light indicators:
These may between manufacturers but in general:

Lights glow solid: Your battery is operating as intended. Lights should glow for about an hour until fully charged, then flash and stop glowing.
Lights flash: Flashing multiple times may indicate a full charge. A single flash may indicate a defective unit or end of life.
Lights do not glow or flash: Your battery may have reached its end of life or may be defective. If you have used your battery regularly for a year or occasionally for two years, it is reasonable to expect that it has reach its end of life. Please recycle your old battery and purchase a new one!

Issues with the cartridge connection:

When screwing the cartridge onto the battery, be careful not to overtighten. Just twist until snug, otherwise you may have connectivity issues.

A common issue that happens with vape pens, sometimes as a result of being overly tightened, is that the metal rings that conduct electricity get pressed too deep and fail to make contact with each other.

An easy solution is to use a paper clip to very gently pry the metal ring up.

Be careful not to break the ring off! It is only attached by a very thin wire. Lift it evenly by only a small amount.

If adjusting the ring on the cartridge itself does not solve the problem, try the same fix with the battery itself. The ring hole is smaller so you may need a thinner paper clip. Remember to be gentle, these are very delicate pieces. It takes very little force to raise the ring slightly.

Most of the time this will solve the problem, assuming your battery is charged and your cartridge has oil in it. Happy Vaping!

Here’s a video of the process:

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