Uncle Arnie’s Lemonade

Most people are familiar with a refreshing combination of lemonade and ice tea, best known as Arnold Palmer. This is similar but all grown up and infused with cannabis. Uncle Arnies Iced Tea Lemonade has 100mg of THC in it, but you wouldn’t know that from the taste… drink wisely friend, as this Iced Tea Lemonade is potent. If you don’t consume regularly, try one serving, and wait an hour. The effects will be felt within 15-30 minutes!

For $15 per bottle, it’s a trip worth taking, man.

6 comments on “Uncle Arnie’s Lemonade

  1. I love this drink! It caught my eye and the budtender who helped me recommended I only drink 1/4 of the bottle, that was the perfect dosing! It got me surprisingly stoned, other edibles I will need a higher dosage to get the high I want but this was a perfect high!

  2. I found a small black sharp piece of plastic in my Sweet Peach Iced Tea. I’m so glad I decided to pour it instead of drinking it from the bottle because I normally do. This is not hate towards the actual drink it self, I actually enjoy these drinks a lot. But I was really shocked and scared at the possibility of me drinking that small peice of plastic.

  3. Kat. I work for the company that manufactures the Uncle Arnie’s iced tea lemonade.
    A different company is manufacturing their sweet peach product, I am so sorry that that has happened to you and it’s a shame that that company would let that occur

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