Tush Kush – Not Just For Tushes Anymore!

Although DYSMENINE_OKwe guessed that our suppository may be equally effective when inserted vaginally, as opposed to the traditional rectal route we all think of, it wasn’t until Foria came out with their vaginal suppository launched to tackle women’s menstrual cramps that we decided to try our Tush Kush suppositories for that purpose. Lo and behold, our testers experienced seriously effective and FAST — 10 minutes or less — relief from their painful lady symptoms.

Apparently the pelvic area responds particularly well to this type of treatment because it has more cannabinoid receptors than anywhere else in the body besides the brain. But this is not a brand-new, groundbreaking discovery. According to this historical research review (PDF) on the topic, cannabis extracts have been used successfully all over the world for at least five thousand years to treat a wide range of conditions in women including dysmenorrhea, dysuria, hyperemesis gravidarum, and menopausal symptoms. From China to India to late 19th century England, cannabis helped women throughout their lives. Even Queen Victoria is thought to have used cannabis to relieve her severe menstrual cramps.

Tush Kush is already helping patients with IBD, prostate and other area-specific conditions. As we work to expand this product line keep an eye out for blends we formulate especially for women’s health… we might need to rebrand this version Bush Kush!cbdtushkush

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