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The Second Brain, Probiotic Chocolate, & Regenerative Agriculture

Born out of a desire to heal the gut through nutrition and inspired by her mother’s battle with Parkinson’s, founder Charlotte Troy set out to give the gut “a new vocabulary to speak to the mind.” OARA knows that health starts in the gut, which is why their organic cannabis chocolate has probiotics to support gut health, immunity, and mental wellness. Incorporating clinically tested shelf-stable probiotic Bacillus Coagulans into their infused chocolate which has been shown to improve digestion & immunity while reducing inflammation.

These probiotic chocolates are crafted with intention and the nutrient dense ingredients. Beginning with full-spectrum oil from Sun+Earth certified, lunar farmed, and terpene-rich flowers grown by Moon Made Farms from renowned BioVortex genetics which is infused into silky 70% organic dark chocolate from a family-owned company with decades of experience producing small-batch artisan dark chocolate. OARA Chocolate has a low processing temperature that helps to ensure probiotics survive both in the food product and through stomach transit to the gut. It has a rich creamy taste that is never bitter.

There are over 10,000 microbial species within the human ecosystem, and every human is host to a unique collection of more than 1,000 species throughout the body. We have learned time & again that biodiversity is the key to healthy soils and the surrounding ecosystem, and the same can be said about our internal gut microbiome as well.

Imagine a mesh of nerves that runs from your bottom (rectum) to your throat (esophogus), that’s your Enteric Nervous System. It’s called your second-brain because it uses the same neurotransmitters, neurons, and receptors as your Central Nervous System (your brain and spinal cord). And what pulls them all together is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), where your intentionally consumed cannabinoids reside all along the gut-brain-axis.

The ECS serves multiple roles in the gut microbiome affecting mental & emotional health, making cannabis a big part of the new frontier for functional food ingredients. Incorporating cannabis & probiotics into your diet can have a significantly good impact on our wellbeing.

Supporting the connection among our gut microbiome, our soil microbiome, and ultimately our connection to our bodies and our Earth is the overarching goal of the brand OARA Probiotic Chocolate.

OARA superfood dark chocolate is made to promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora with the goal of activating our endocannabinoid signaling. With around 90% of our body’s serotonin being produced in the gut microbiome, we can significantly improve our mood and mental health by optimally seeding our gut health.

OARA is made with 100% organic ingredients, a shelf-stable probiotic, and Sun+Earth certified regeneratively grown cannabis. OARA believes that the health of the individual starts in their gut and that the health of a plant starts in the soil. Healthy fats and minerals from organic dark chocolate, beneficial bacteria, and nutrient dense regenerative cannabis combine to create a delicious superfood cannabis edible!

Regenerative farming actively improves the Earth by building healthy living soils as opposed to only limiting the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers which is the standard for organic farming. It is through soil health that the broader health of the planet and its ecosystems are improved. OARA are active allies of the regenerative supply chain, and their two-time award-winning cannabis edibles are beacons of the growing health & wellness sector of the cannabis industry.

PROBIOTIC CHOCOLATES by OARA are 100% Organic, Low-sugar, Vegan, Gluten-Dairy- GMO free. No refrigeration necessary. Each chocolate is shelf stable 5 Billion CFU B. Coagulans per serving, individually wrapped, and micro-dosed. Available in CBD RICH SMOOTH DARK, CBD RICH LAVENDER + SEA SALT, THC RICH SMOOTH DARK, THC RICH ALMOND + SEA SALT

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