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Free delivery on orders over $75!           Prices shown include all taxes

The Price of (Delivered) Weed

In the interest of transparency, and to help illustrate why we’ve implemented a per-delivery fee, here’s a breakdown of what it costs to provide safe access to medical cannabis in this area. Because we have avoided the “backpack delivery” model where drivers carry their limited menu with them (on the advice of our attorney), we require a larger communications budget than those types of services, and we have a much higher staffing need and the expense of cars, gas, and maintenance over brick-and-mortar shops.  Additionally, we require testing of all our medicine, something that is not a practice with many California collectives. We do this for the same reason we don’t carry any BHO products, because in the absence of adequate safety and quality regulations, we are holding ourselves as providers to the standard we would want to see as patients and consumers.  We also promote an atmosphere where staff are encouraged to learn, research, and share their knowledge internally, so that we are able to educate our patients (and hopefully, the community as a whole).

It won’t always be this expensive to get one order out the door. We expect to be significantly more cost-efficient when we have proper software in place, and the simple act of allowing collectives to use banks just like regular people would lighten our administrative burden considerably. The effort and energy it takes to work around all the barriers that have been placed between patients and their medicine is costly, but in the end we feel it’s been worth it.  After all, safe access to this medicine is a right that’s already been established by the people of California.

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7 thoughts on “The Price of (Delivered) Weed”

  1. Paul Henry Jones

    I have been a client for over three years. I have made numerous referrals to Cannamed and exclusively to Sespe Creek Collective for over three years. I have been through your staffing and product ups and downs. I am happy, and encouraged, to learn that you are experiencing growing pains and seeking to balance your reputable service business. I and other satisfied clients want you to continue your business the next 5, 10, 20 plus years. A business with integrity never gives up. So please protect your livelihood and Press On! Thank you for your thoughtful and generous service.

  2. A $5 delivery fee? A very small price to pay for your dedication to your patients!
    I have used your services for the past three years and have enjoyed every interaction. Product, Process, People. That’s the difference between a mediocre business, and one that will thrive. Your decision to keep patients informed over the years is one of the reasons I really like Sespe, you guys and gals keep it up, and kudos to your IT folk for a bang up newsletter!
    I could not help but laugh reading your bit about the bookkeepers, its so true in any business!

  3. That’s just about the most eloquent justification for an added fee that I’ve ever come across. Where can I send my 5 bucks?

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