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The Future of Concentrates

The Future of Concentrates

BHO, which stands for Butane Hash Oil, has been a controversial topic in the news. While it is certainly possible to use butane responsibly to produce a safe and solvent-free extract, that’s not always what happens — and at this point, the responsible thing for us to do is to phase out concentrates that are extracted with butane. By doing this, we’re embracing the changes we hope to see in the future as laws are rewritten and regulations put in place. It’s not the butane that’s the main problem here, it’s the people misusing it, and the damage those people do. As cannabis professionals, it is important to set a positive example and demonstrate that concentrates are a safe and effective form of medicine. If we don’t get out in front of this, we risk letting media hysteria over exploding BHO labs drive the discussion on the future of medical marijuana concentrates, and that would be a disservice to the patients whose pain and symptoms only respond to medicine of this strength.

Fortunately, we’re in the midst of a kind of cannabis renaissance, and the available alternatives are absolutely fantastic.

Today we’re introducing two new, clear, CO2-extracted concentrates. These are extracted with carbon dioxide and then fortified with strain-specific terpenes to give the benefit of whole-plant cannabis in a highly purified form, which we know is more effective than isolated cannabinoids. Just like eating a piece of whole fruit is better for you than taking a vitamin pill, using the whole cannabis plant is far more effective than any one single component. Terpenoids are quite potent, and affect animal and even human behavior when inhaled from ambient air at serum levels in the single digits nanograms/ml. They display unique therapeutic effects that contribute to the entourage effects of cannabis-based medicinal extracts.

Our two new concentrates are Tangerine Dream & Blue Dream,  beautifully produced CO2 filtered extract that is one of the purest forms of THC available.  Unlike other extracts, like wax and shatter, these extracts leave only the THC and flavorful terpenes in place, giving it a translucent look and providing an incredible flavor for the patient.


Blue Dream

THC: 80.72% | CBD: 3.02% | CBG: 1.63%

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Tangerine Dream

THC: 80.72% | CBD: 3.02% | CBG: 1.63%

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In our excitement over the new technology available to us, let’s not forget that we have a fresh batch of the SFV OG bubble hash. Bubble hash is extracted with water and hard work, so you’ll never run into solvent residue there! This batch, our grower tells us, was his best ever — and the test results prove that out — 48.75% THC!

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  1. I’ve got some serious osteo-arthritic issues/medical problems arising from a plethora of disabling accidents. Your choices dictate the life you lead, and my choices have led me here. I strongly believe in the healing power of cannabis, but I am unable to take advantage of its unique properties because of my finances HELP

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