Tart and Festive: CANN Cranberry Sage

It’s no secret that CANN social tonics are enjoyed by both Sespe staff and customers alike. With their unique flavor profiles, low-calorie content, light high, and fast onset, they’re an ideal alternative to alcohol. Plus, no next-day hangover. Now, just in time for the holidays, CANN has released a new limited-edition festive flavor called Cranberry Sage. It is a delicious mix of sweet and tart.

Since we have to forgo our traditional holiday social gatherings this year, consider Cranberry Sage your go-to mood booster while you safely shelter at home. Curl up with a favorite holiday movie, a crackling fire, or a festive candle and pour your CANN into a fancy glass. It’s time to toast yourself for (almost) making it through 2020! You deserve it!

Luckily, CANN Cranberry Sage comes in a 4-pack so you can keep the good vibes going. We recommend starting low and slow with this beverage. Savor small, intentional sips versus chugging the whole can at once! An 8-ounce can may seem small but it’s mighty effective in helping you to elevate into holiday bliss.

Cranberry Sage Sparkling Water 4-pack is $25 and only available this holiday season!

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