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Summer Cannabis Recipes

This summer, turn your backyard BBQ into a whole vibe. Even if you are just medicating and seeking comfort, these recipes will ease the pain and hit home with your inner foodie. This curated list of recipes all include products you can find in our show room without needing to create your own raw materials like butter or oil — we have you covered for that!

1. Heavenly Sweet: Not Your Mama’s Summer Corn + Sweet Butter-Rum Grilled Peaches

Let’s start with butter. Heavenly Sweet Co. has two options for dosage, 1000 to 2000mg for 4 ounces of, 100% real dairy, double-clarified butter. Basically, any recipe that calls for butter screams for this to be added. For those of you grilling, Heavenly Sweet Co. has these great suggestions.

2. Potli: Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing + Classic Vinaigrette Dressing

Lots of recipes call for olive oil and making it from scratch can be pretty time consuming. Luckily, we carry Potli’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil which happens to be a collaboration with Aster Farms full spectrum cannabis. This would make a great dressing for your summer salads!

3. Kiva: Chocolate Infused BBQ Sauce + Dark Chocolate Mole Sauce

Kiva Confections never disappoints with their chocolates and gummies but for those wanting a savory experience, the secret is in the sauce.

4. Pop-Up Potcorn: Popcorn Culinary Delights

Popcorn can be a super versatile snack and a great addition to those summer day activities like hikes or those summer nights with a cozy movie. Choose from either a 1:1 CBD: THC or a higher THC option of a 10:1 of our Pop-up Potcorn. Check out these fantastic hacks to turn your basic bag of popcorn into your own culinary treat!

5. Kikoko: Smoothies, Cocktails & Tonics

Lets not forget starting the day off right with a delicious, healthy, and very medicated breakfast. Kikoko’s Honey Shots provide a great topping to fruit and yogurt bowls or as an addition to your morning smoothies. Kikoko has an huge selection of recipes, even one for a face mask!

6. Brandon’s “That’s a Spicy” S’more

When you come into Sespe, you know you are going to be met with our super knowledgeable staff, so it should be no surprise we have some ideas of our own when it comes to remixing our products into epic snacks.

Budtender Brandon has a great twist on the s’mores classic by replacing the regular chocolate bar with Chill’s “That’s a Spicy” Dark Chocolate Bar between two graham crackers and a roasted marshmallow. Add a little heat to your sweet and relax by the campfire or even standing over your fire top stove. No judgments.

Chill Chocolate Products

7. Tobias’ Root Beer Float

Budtender Tobias is an at home cannabis beverage mix-ol-o-gist who recommends another mash up of a classic; Root Beer Floats using our Keef Colas Infused Root Beer. All you need to do is pour it over a glass of vanilla ice cream and devour.

For an even creamier taste, try it with Keef’s Orange Kush Cola.

Keef Cola Products

Have Fun!

We hope this list inspires you to get creative and make your own magical healing treats. Keep in mind everyone reacts differently to eating edibles and correct dosing is important. We always suggest starting out small and waiting an hour to see how you feel. Remember you can always eat more, but you can’t eat less!

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  1. I’m amazed at all the creativity in those treats. This is a good post. Watching movies with popcorn is a great way for me to unwind. So I guess you can guess how much I love potcorn.

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