408 Bryant Circle, Suite C, Ojai, CA 93023   Mon-Sat 9-7, Sun 10-5   (855) 722-9333 info@sespe.org

Delivery Zones, Fees, and Minimums

  • For delivery within the city of Ojai, there is no charge and a $50 minimum.
  • For delivery to Mira Monte, Oakview, and Meiners Oaks, there is a $50 minimum, and the charge is $5.
  • For delivery to unincorporated areas of Ventura county, there is a $100 minimum, and the charge is $10. Note: we may not deliver to your area depending on distance from our dispensary in Ojai. 
  • For delivery within the Santa Barbara city limits, we deliver on Thursdays and Sundays. Order by 12:00 Noon for same day delivery. There is a $100 minimum, and the charge is $10.

Unincorporated Areas

It’s not always obvious whether you’re in an unincorporated area or not — just because you use a city as your address, doesn’t mean you’re located within its boundaries. If you voted for city council candidates in the last election, you’re in a city; if you didn’t, you’re in an unincorporated area.

See the embedded custom Google map for the boundaries on the right, or check the County’s PDF map. You can also check your address here, click “Search for Parcels” on the left and enter your address. Let the auto-search find your address then select it. Zoom out on the map and you’ll be able to see if you’re in the shaded city limits or unincorporated area.

If you’re not in our delivery area, you can always come to Ojai to visit the dispensary and make your selections, or pick up an order submitted online or by phone.