S*SHOTS™ /es-shots/: cannabis-infused shots for the love of THC.

Meet S*SHOTS: cannabis-infused shots that get straight to the good stuff. Drink in the refreshingly sweet & tangy flavors of classic lemonade infused with 100mg of glorious THC. Enjoy the faster onset and flavor-explosive-full-body-high on its own, or bring it along as a chaser to your sesh. Whatever you do, do it for the love of THC. 10 servings per bottle. 10mg THC per serving.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, grape juice concentrate, cannabis extract, lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavor (natural flavor, tragacanth gum), sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.


Effective — Nano-emulsion makes for higher absorption and faster onset.

Tasty — Only the juiciest fruit flavors are paired to complement cannabis perfectly.

Smokeless – Same great buzz without taxing your lungs.

Versatile – Enjoy straight as a shot, on the rocks, or as a mixer or an appetizer (S*shot Recipes)

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